Shared Leave

Shared leave is a program that allows employees to receive leave donations from other state employees, if approved, for specific criteria. 


An employee must be non-temporary, non-probationary with at least 6 months of continuous state service.  The employee must earn leave in order to use the shared leave program.  Once approved, an employee may receive up to 640 hours of shared leave donations in a 12 month period beginning with the use of the first donation.

Reasons for Taking Leave

An illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition, that is of an extraordinary or severe nature, and involves the employee, a relative of the employee, or household member of the employee.
--"relative of the employee" is limited to the spouse, child, stepchild, grandchild, grandparent, stepparent, or parent of the employee.
--"household members" means those persons who reside in the same home, who have reciprocal duties to and do provide financial support for one another. This includes foster children and legal wards even if they do not live in the household.
--"extraordinary or severe" means serious, extreme, or life threatening. It does not include conditions associated with normal pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions - Shared Leave

Q:    Do I have to use all of my sick and annual leave before I can accept shared leave donations?
A:    Yes, an employee must exhaust all of the applicable leave for the particular situation prior to accepting any leave donations.  However, the application procedure should be started prior to running out of the applicable paid leave balances.

Q:    Can I accept both sick and annual leave donations?
A:     It depends on the situation.  If the reason for shared leave is the employee’s serious health condition, then both sick and annual leave donations may be accepted.  If shared leave is needed to care for a relative or household member (defined above) then only annual leave donations may be accepted.

Q:    Can I get the full 640 hours added to my leave balances?
A:     Donations are used on an as needed basis.  Leave is entered on a per pay period basis and only the amount of leave needed beyond what an employee has available each pay period is used.  Once the approved health situation concludes, the shared leave donation process is over.  Unused leave donations will be returned to the donating employees.

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