Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a furlough?

A furlough is an unpaid leave status in which an employee retains health and other benefits but does not work. Due to a diminished workload, NDSU has made the challenging decision to implement a furlough for some staff at the University. Your position is NOT being eliminated and you will remain an NDSU employee.

2. Is there a difference between employees who are furloughed and employees who are laid off?

Yes. A lay-off usually refers to an indefinite — often permanent — break in the employment relationship. A furlough, on the other hand, is an unpaid leave of absence that continues the employment relationship and is typically for a shorter, fixed period of time.

3. What was the process to determine who would be selected for the furlough?

To determine who would be included in this furlough, the University took into consideration departmental need, work to be performed, acquired job knowledge, demonstrated work skills,versatility, work performance, length of service and extent of training needed.

4. I have been furloughed. Am I terminated?

No. You are still an employee, but during the furlough period you are unpaid. Being on furlough is like being on leave without pay.

5. How long will this furlough last?

NDSU anticipates that this furlough will be temporary and that you will return to work once workloads have increased to a level to make a feasible return. Based upon those staffing needs, NDSU will notify you of the date of your return to work. NDSU is hopeful that furloughed employees will be able to return to work on the date indicated within your notification letter. Depending on the status of the pandemic and economic factors, there is a possibility that the furlough could last longer.

6. Is there anything I need to do before I go into furlough status?

Yes. During your furlough, it is very important that your supervisor has your correct contact information, including current mailing address, cell phone number, and email address (including any personal, non-NDSU email address you have). You should also be sure that Human Resources has your current mailing address and cell phone number, by logging into Employee Self-Service and reviewing/updating your information.

7. Will I be paid for the hours I worked prior to the start of the furlough?


8. When will I receive my last paycheck before I am on unpaid status for the furlough?

You will receive your last check according to the regular payroll schedule. Your furlough period (unpaid leave) will begin on the date indicated within your furlough notice. You will be compensated for hours worked prior to that date. Note that employees will not get paid for holidays if they are not working. If they are on a reduced schedule, the holidays will be prorated.

Upon return to your regular schedule, pay checks will be delayed based on pay period dates. Additionally, any employee-paid benefits will be deducted from your first paycheck when you return, unless you have arranged with payroll to personally pay for those benefits while on furlough. It will be in your best interest to plan for this while collecting unemployment.

9. Will I lose any accrued benefit time such as annual leave or sick leave during the furlough?

No. When you return to work you will have the same annual and sick leave accrual balances that you had before the furlough.

10. Will I accrue any annual/sick leave while on furlough?


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