Reduction-In-Force (RIF) Information

NDSU Benefit and Other HR Related Information for Reduction-In-Force Employees
Policy 223

Insurance Coverage - Health, Dental and Vision

  • All insurance premiums are paid one month in advance. Your coverage will go through the end of the month following your last day worked.
  • COBRA will allow you to continue on with our health, dental and vision plans for up to 18 months, but you are responsible to pay the entire plan premium. Those rates will be sent to you upon termination and the COBRA Continuation form is sent directly to NDPERS for administration once completed.

Employee Assistance Program

  • The services that are provided by NDSU's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are available for 90 days after your employment is terminated. The phone number for The Village in Fargo is 1-800-627-8220.

Tuition Waiver/Education/Development

  • To assist in retraining efforts and/or further professional development, for two (2) years following the reduction-in-force, employees may continue to utilize the NDSU tuition waiver for up to 3 classes per calendar year.
    Policy 133
  • Tuition waiver forms are available at the Human Resources and Payroll office or online at Human Resources and Payroll forms

Annual/Sick Leave Payout

  • Any annual or sick leave balances are paid out on the employee's last check for salary/hours
  • Employees who have been earning leave for 10 consecutive years or more are eligible to receive 10% of their sick leave balance in pay

Flex Spending Account with Discovery Benefits

  • If you have a current Flex account for this year, you will be able to incur expenses through your last day of employment. You will need to submit any claims for reimbursement within 30 days of your termination date


Retirement Accounts


Please contact NDPERS to determine which option is best for you. 

  1. You can cash out the account minus taxes and penalty if applicable
  2. Roll the money over to another eligible plan/different vendor
  3. Leave account intact and it will continue to earn interest until you reach retirement age

The TIAA Plan

Please contact TIAA to determine which option - and eligibility - is best for you.

To cash out your account or roll it over to another vendor, the following criteria apply:

  1. You must be at least 55 years old
  2. Your account balance must be under $20,000

If your account is over $20,000 and you are not 55 years old, your account will continue to earn interest with TIAA until you reach age 55.

Change of Address

  • You will continue to have access to Employee Self Service through May 1, 2018. This is for tax purposes so you can view/print your paystubs and other important documents. Your password for the system will continue to expire every 90 days so will need to keep that up to date. If you do need your ESS system password reset, you can call the NDUS Helpline at 1-866-457-6387.

ND Unemployment

You can file ND Unemployment online at ND Unemployment for Individuals or by telephone using an automated system at 701-328-4995.

You will need the following information available when you file a claim.

  • Social Security Number
  • Name, address and phone number of all the employers that you have worked for in the last 18 months
  • Wage you are willing to accept

New Employment Search
To the extent possible, NDSU will assist reduction-in-force employees in searching for other employment. Although NDSU is not responsible for conducting a comprehensive job search, services available are: exploring job opportunities within the University System, resume assistance, and discussion of unemployment issues.

Other resources to utilize during a job search:

  • Job Service ND - offer training, provide aptitude testing, administer unemployment benefits, job placement, and discussion of unemployment issues.
  • Job vacancies in ND State Government
  • ND University System Openings can be found at:

Bismarck State College
Dickinson State College
Mayville State University
Minot State University
North Dakota State College of Science
Lake Region State College
Williston State College
Valley City State University

Rehire of a RIF Employee

If a reduced-in-force employee is rehired within 2 years of the reduction, the employee will be credited with:

  • Previous service for the purpose of determining annual leave accrual rates
  • Sick Leave hours accumulated prior to the reduction, less the amount paid - pursuant to Policy 143

For questions on benefits, please contact Maria Wingenbach, NDSU Benefits Coordinator at or 701-231-5602.

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