Retirement Planning

The information on this page has been compiled to assist employees who are thinking about retiring from their positions in the near future. NDSU offers two different retirement plans. Please see the specific information below in the plan that pertains to you.

Prior to turning 65:

Contact Social Security to sign up for Medicare Part A and for information on other Social Security Retirement Benefits at or 800/772-1213

    • Estimate of Retirement Benefits
    • Retirement Toolkit
    • Apply online for Retirement Benefits
    • Apply online for Spouse's Benefits, if applicable
    • Retirement Publications
  • Contact the Benefits Coordinator at 701/231-5602 to obtain information regarding NDSU retirement and insurance.

NDPERS Retirees - Defined Benefit Plan

Employees must be at least 55 years old (60 for those hired after 1/1/2016) and have 3 years of service credit; or meet the rule of 85 (Rule of 90 for those hired on or after 1/1/2016); or attain age 65 while employed with NDSU.

6 Months Prior to Retirement Date

Request a benefit estimate by one of the following options:

2-3 Months Prior to Retirement Date:

  • Download or print the NDPERS Retirement Kit (all information may not apply, please contact the Benefits Coordinator at 701/231-5602 for assistance)
  • Download or print the NDPERS Retirement Forms (all forms may not apply, please contact the Benefits Coordinator at 701/231-5602 for assistance)
  • In addition to the required forms, please provide the following documentation
    • Copy of birth certificate (if married, please provide your spouse's birth certificate)
    • Copy of marriage certificate
    • Copy of Medicare card(s) for self and spouse (if eligible)
      • **You must have Medicare A & B to continue on the NDPERS Retiree Health Insurance

TIAA Retirees - Defined Contribution Plan

2-3 Months Prior to Retirement Date

  • Contact TIAA and click on At Your Workplace to schedule an appointment with a TIAA representative or call 800/842-2776.
  • If interested in the NDPERS Retiree Insurance plan:
    • Complete the necessary forms from NDPERS that apply. If you are not interested in NDPERS Retiree Insurance, no additional forms are necessary.
    • If choosing NDPERS Retiree Insurance, you will need to provide the following documentation in addition to the required forms:
      • Copy of Medicare card(s) for self and spouse, if eligible. (Must have Medicare A & B to continue on the NDPERS Retiree Health Insurance)
      • In order to qualify for this insurance, you will have to take at least a minimum distribution amount from TIAA. The distribution must have started either before or on the date you request the insurance. You will need to contact TIAA for documentation that provides evidence of a distribution.

Options Available to All Benefited Employees

  • State Life Supplemental Life Insurance, AFLAC or long term care insurance may be continued by remitting the premium directly to the company.
  • Health, State Life (basic), Dental and Vision insurance, at a cost to the employee, may be continued indefinitely as long as you receive a retirement benefit from NDPERS or TIAA.
  • The Village Business Institute: employees are eligible to use the Employee Assistance Program for up to 90 days after they terminate active employment. For assistance, call The Village EAP at 800/627-8220 for information on:
    • Retirement is a Life Transition
    • Types of Retirement
    • Retirement Financial Planning
    • Transition Planning Prior to Retirement

Information for All Benefited Retirees

  • Your regular insurance will be effective for the month following your last day worked
  • When choosing a date, know that your retirement date is always the first of the month after your last day worked
  • If you retire prior to age 65, you will not be eligible to enroll in the NDPERS Retiree Health Insurance until you are eligible for Medicare Parts A & B. You will be able to join at that time if you are still interested.

Campus Services Available to Benefited Retirees

  • Retiree Parking Permit

A retiree is eligible for a free parking permit. Return the current NDSU parking permit to the NDSU Parking Office, located at 1801-15th Avenue N, Fargo, in exchange for the retiree permit. It is valid for the four pay lots on campus and the IFC lot behind the Alumni Center.

  • NDSU Retiree Identification Card

Retirees may go to the NDSU Card Center, located in the Memorial Union, and request a free retiree identification card. Although retirees are not required to obtain this new card, both the Library and the Wellness Center require the presentation of this type of identification card for use of their facilities.

  • NDSU Libraries

Retirees do not retain online access to Library electronic services. On a case-by-case basis the retiree can apply for a one day log in pass at the reference desk of the Library. However, the retiree can apply for a free community borrowing card and then can circulate material.

Emeritus Faculty retain all library privileges.

  • Employee Self Service

Access to the Employee Self Service module in PeopleSoft expires May 1st of the year following the employee's last paycheck. For example, if you terminate employment on December 31, 2017 and receive your last paycheck on January 15, 2018, you will continue to have Employee Self Service access until May 1, 2019.

  • Wallman Wellness Center

Retirees may purchase a membership at the same rate as faculty/staff. For further information, contact the Wallman Wellness Center online or in person at 1707 Centennial Blvd, Fargo.

  • MATBUS Services

Retirees may ride MATBUS at no charge by presenting their NDSU Retiree Identification card.

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