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Internship Programs

The objective of internship programs at NDSU is to provide students with a monitored meaningful work experience related to a determined set of learning goals that will increase their job marketability and enhance their life skills.

List of forms you will need to complete throughout the process:


  • Submit a signed Learning Agreement, position description, and proof of student's current student status from the applicable universityAt completion of Internship, submit copy of Student's
  • Self-Evaluation and Supervisor's Evaluation to Human Resources
  • Contact Human Resources and Payroll if you need help


  • Signed agreement between the student and the department head
  • Student shall furnish proof of current student status from the applicable university
  • Outcomes of the internship are determined prior to experience - Position Description with responsibilities/tasks/goals/supervisor indicated
  • Student receives feedback throughout the internship
  • At the end of the internship, the student will submit an evaluation of the experience to include how the student's performance and the experience itself will impact the student's career plans
  • Supervisor completes an evaluation of how the student met the learning objectives and performed the responsibilities/tasks/goals of the position

Examples of Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrates dependability, initiative, time-management, organization and prioritization Accepts constructive feedback
  • Works effectively in a team environment
  • Utilizes communication skills successfully
  • Practices safe work habits
  • Creates and maintains productive working relationships follows instructions
  • Uses judgment
  • Acts in professional, ethical manner
  • Follows university policies and procedures
  • Attains specific job-related skills
  • Gains practical experience

Internship Program FAQs

Q: Is there a process that details the ‘hiring of an intern’?

Q: Can the intern be a student at another university or only NDSU students?
They can be from any university. NDSU students are placed in a 8000 job family position number. Non-NDSU students are placed in a 9000 job family position number.

Q: What is the maximum amount of time in a year that the intern can be hired for?
There is no limit of time.  It is about the work and the student’s internship’s requirements.

Q: What is the pay range for an internship?
There is no range. It’s what the department determines is appropriate. If it is $25.00 or more per hour, then it needs the VP/Provost approval.

Q: Is an intern considered temporary, seasonal, or is it strictly intern?
Temporary. You would use a position with the appropriate job code in the 9000 band.

Q: Is this position benefited?
No. They are paid using a timeslip or the Kronos Timekeeping System.

Q: Do they qualify for overtime?
Yes. They are paid by the hour and receive time and ½ for each hour they work over 40 hours in a week.

Q: Paid holidays?

Q: Do we need to advertise the position?
No. The department can work directly with the university to find the appropriate student.

Q: Does the university provide housing or is that on the employee’s own?
Generally, the University does not provide housing.

Q: Who do we obtain prior approval from to hire a student for an internship?
The approval is for an internship status. The internship status is in regards to the number of hours an employee can work in regards to Policy 101.

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