Recruiting and Hiring Resources

Recruitment and hiring at NDSU is an involved process developed to ensure fair consideration of applicants and that the right person is selected for the position. The recruitment and hiring process for broadbanded staff is managed through Recruiting Solutions and consists of several key elements:

  • Search Committee Process

    The formation of a search committee is an integral part of making effective hiring decisions. This page will help you to be mindful of the key committee responsibilities when forming or considering participation on a search committee.

  • Interview Process

    Steps for conducting an effective interview include adequate preparation, an appropriate interview format and a thorough evaluation. Also included on this page are sample interview questions and instructions on how to ask the interview questions you want to ask - legally.

  • Reference Checking

    Reference checking can help to substantiate or nullify facts and impressions that have been gathered at an interview. It may even bring new facts or experience to light, depending on the thoroughness of the reference check.

  • Making an Offer

    Steps to make an offer to your top candidate. This covers the ‘pre-offer to official offer’ process. By following these steps, the search will be in compliance with applicable laws and policies to avoid complications that could delay a successful search.

  • Onboarding


    Onboarding is a long-term process that begins prior to an employee's hire date and continues for at least six months (through the probationary period). It assists the new hire to feel welcome and prepare in their new position.

  • Timeslip Staffing

    To maintain compliance with NDSU Policy 101.2.2, hiring managers and administrative staff must ensure that temporary employees' position duration and hours worked meet certain criteria.



Special Considerations

There are a limited number of specific circumstances where filling a position may not follow the entire process as outlined above. Those include US Veterans seeking preference under the North Dakota Veteran's Preference Law and some individuals meeting criteria outlined in NDSU Policy 103, the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy on the Announcement of Position Openings.

Related Policies:

NDSU Policy 100 - Equal Opportunity Policy
NDSU Policy 103 - Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy on the Announcement of Position Openings
NDSU Policy 104 - Recruitment Period for Position Announcements
NDSU Policy 107 - Employment Qualifications
NDSU Policy 110 - Employment of Relatives
NDSU Policy 112 - Pre-Employment Criminal Record Disclosure
NDSU Policy 200 - Recruitment for Professional Staff Positions (Banded 1000 and 3000 Positions)
NDSU Policy 201 - Recruitment for Broadbanded Staff Positions
NDSU Policy 202 - Procedure for Filling Broadbanded Positions

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