Reduction-in-Force Resources

The following services are provided to reduced-in-force employees:

Employment Search Assistance - To the extent possible, NDSU will assist reduction-in-force employees in searching for other employment. Although NDSU is not responsible for conducting a comprehensive job search, services available are exploring job opportunities within the University System, resume assistance, and discussion of unemployment issues.

Continuing Education - To assist in retraining efforts and/or further professional development, for 2 years employees may continue to utilize the NDSU Tuition Waiver for three classes per calendar year.  Submit completed form to the Office of Human Resources/Payroll for approval and processing.

Employee Assistance Program - Employees needing the services of NDSU's Employee Assistance Program at The Village EAP, call 1-800-627-8220. These services are available for 90 days following to aid in dealing with the personal effects of a reduction-in-force.

Leave Consideration - If a reduction-in-force employee is hired within 2 years of reduction, the employee will be credited with: 

  • Previous service for the purpose of determining annual leave accrual rates,
  • Sick leave hours accumulated prior to the reduction, less the amount paid, pursuant to NDSU Policy Section 143.6.

COBRA - Health, Dental, Vision Insurance - Insurance coverage through NDSU will be in effect until the end of the month following the month of termination; e.g. if term on 7/15, coverage ends 8/31.

  • Employees are eligible to purchase health insurance through North Dakota Public Employer's Retirement System (NDPERS) under the 1985 COBRA Act which requires employers to offer the same health care coverage at the employee's expense. This option is available for up to 18 months from date of loss of coverage.
  • Separating employees also have the option, if enrolled as an active employee, to continue dental and/or vision insurance for up to 18 months from date of loss of coverage.
  • A COBRA letter and application form are mailed to employee's home address from the Human Resources and Payroll Office. If employee wishes to continue health, dental and/or vision coverage, s/he completes the COBRA application form and submits it directly to NDPERS. The monthly premium rates are included in the COBRA letter and are also available on the NDPERS member self-service website.
  • Monthly COBRA premium(s) are deducted from the employee's bank account by NDPERS.

Flexible Spending Accounts - Participants in the Flexible Spending Accounts Plan can incur expenses through the last day of work; claims can be submitted up to 30 days from last day of work. Questions can be directed to Discovery Benefits, 701-451-3399 or

NDPERS Retirement Plan - plan members have three options in regards to the retirement plan:
1) Cash out account
2) Roll account over to another vendor
3) Leave account intact; account will earn interest until dispersed

There are two separate kits to review prior to making an election decision:
1) Refund/Rollover Information Kit
    Refund/Rollover Paperwork
2) Deferred Retirement Information Kit
    Deferred Retirement Paperwork

TIAA Retirement Plan -  plan members have the following options in regards to the retirement plan:
1) Cash out account; the following criteria must be met to qualify for this option:
a. If less than $2,000 in the TIAA portion and less than $10,000 total between TIAA and CREF.
(A refund would be minus 20% Federal tax and a 10% IRS penalty will be assessed when taxes are filed for the year the money was received.)
2) Roll account over to another vendor; the same criteria that applies for a refund applies to a rollover.
3 Leave account intact; account will earn interest until dispersed
If age 55 or older, a full refund of all money in the CREF account is available.

TIAA can be contacted via the Telephone Counseling Center at 1-800-842-2776 or  

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) - Employees will have access to HRMS Employee Self-Service until May 1st of the year following termination; e.g. term February 1, 2016, in effect until May 1, 2017.

Address Change - Change of address can be updated using HRMS Employee Self-Service or by submitting an address change form to the Human Resources and Payroll office.

Job Service Information - Unemployment compensation is determined by Job Service North Dakota. To apply for benefits, visit Job Service ND Fargo or the office at 1350 32nd St S, Fargo, ND 58103. 701-239-7300.

Related Policies

NDSU Policy 231 - Appeal Procedure for Disciplinary and Reduction in Force Actions
NDSU Policy 223 - Reduction in Force

Other Resources to Utilize During the Job Search

  • Job Service North Dakota
    • Offers training and development specific to job transition
    • Provides interest and aptitude testing
    • Offers dislocated worker assistance
    • Administers unemployment benefits
    • Offers job placement services
    • Provides access to resume writing software
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