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Salary Information

The primary purpose of salary administration, combined with benefits, at North Dakota State University is to attract and retain well-qualified individuals who can best contribute to the University's stated mission.

Salary Administration Guidelines 2016-2017

All regular employees whose performance levels meet expectations are eligible for a salary increase. In all cases, salary adjustment recommendations must be based on an established responsibility or performance review with current performance information available to support the recommendation. Documentation shall be available for review upon request. A responsibility review for broadbanded staff is required and must be on file in Human Resources and Payroll.

General Guidelines
  • Compensation adjustments are to vary based on documented performance, market, merit and other factors such as promotion, and are not necessarily to be the same percentage increase for each employee.
  • Up to a 3% increase will be funded on filled, eligible positions only, no vacant, no pools.
  • Salary adjustments 10% or greater are required to have written documentation and prior approval by the Dean/Dept Head as well as the respective division Vice President and/or Provost and the President.
Options for Salary Adjustments:
  • Requires documented sustained record of meritorious performance
  • Requires documented record of satisfactory performance
  • Requires salaries to be below recognized market for the position
    (Broadbanded staff = based on market provided by Human Resources and Payroll)
Employees NOT ELIGIBLE for a Salary Adjustment:

  • Probationary broadbanded staff

    • In unique circumstances, a probationary employee may be eligible for a market adjustment with written documentation and prior approval by the Dean/Dept Head as well as the respective division Vice President and/or Provost. Contact Human Resources and Payroll for more information.

  • Employees whose documented performance levels are not satisfactory
  • Temporary/non-benefited employees

Salary adjustments must be completed, reviewed and approved by each respective division Vice President and/or Provost and submitted to the Budget Office by May 13th or earlier, however each division may have earlier deadlines.

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