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Telecommuting/Remote Worksite

When the need presents itself, North Dakota State University may allow flexibility in a location where work is performed by NDSU employees. Telecommuting or Remote Worksite is sometimes necessary to meet university goals and/or meet customer needs. The decision to allow Telecommuting or a Remote Worksite is at the discretion of the supervisor (after thoroughly considering the needs of the job, work group, department and the employee’s past and present performance) with the approval from the respective division’s vice president and/or the provost.


Telecommuting is for employees who are located on an NDSU worksite but work at an alternate worksite on a regular basis on specified days/times. This does not apply to occasional work from non-NDSU property.

Remote Worksite is an employee who works out of the state of North Dakota and not on a permanent NDSU entity for an extended period of time. “Extended period” means for longer than 30 consecutive days. It does not apply to occasional work from a non-NDSU property or out-stationed permanent worksite designated by NDSU.

For more details refer to Policy 144.1 Temporary Change of Work Location.

Considerations Prior to Approval of Telecommuting/Remote Worksite

  • Operational needs, staffing patterns, space considerations, and health and safety issues may preclude granting a request.
  • The employee must be willing and able to forego telecommuting or remote worksite and work at the primary worksite as requested by the supervisor/department head for operational needs.
  • The work should involve clearly defined tasks and well understood outcomes. The employee shall check in with the supervisor/department head by phone or e-mail at the beginning and ending of each work day, or per agreed upon schedule, and shall notify the supervisor/department head when leaving the remote worksite during regular working hours.
  • Jobs that require physical presence or constant interaction with clients and co-workers to perform effectively are normally not suitable. Some examples include: receptionist,  administrative assistant, classroom instructor.
  • The employee is required to be available to travel when work requires, including to the primary worksite when necessary, regardless of the telecommuting or remote worksite schedule.
  • Office work environment should not be negatively affected in relation to the workload or productivity of coworkers either by shifting burdens or creating delays and additional steps in the work flow. The supervisor/department head should ensure that other employees in the unit/department understand how the department will function.

Steps to Request

  1. Supervisor/Employee consult to discuss if this is a viable option for the work responsibilities and the department needs.
  2. Employee and supervisor complete the NDSU Telecommuting or Remote WorkSite Request form.
  3. After completion, the request form is forwarded for the review and required approvals:  
    1. Chair/Dean/Director,
    2. Review by the Office of HR and Payroll and VP Finance & Administration,
    3. Vice President or Provost.
  4. Offices of HR and Payroll and University Police and Safety will notify the supervisor of any questions, concerns and laws that need to be addressed if approved.
  5. If approved, the Office of Human Resources will notify the employee and supervisor and an agreement form will be sent, via Docusign for the employee and supervisor to completed and sign.
  6. Department submits hire into MSS, Change Form 101 or employee submits a change of address.
  7. All long-term arrangements, must be renewed annually, by submitting a Renewal Form via Docusign.

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