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Payroll Reminders for Winter Break

If GRA/GSA/GTA employees or Part-Time Academic employees are not working over semester/winter break and should not be paid over semester/winter break, they must be put on either an unpaid leave of absence or terminated. If they will continue to work on break and all position, pay and funding information remains the same, nothing will need to be submitted. If they are not working and you do not stop their pay, these employees will continue to be paid.

  • If the employee will only be on a few week break from employment, an unpaid leave of absence (LOA) should be processed on a Change Form 101. The form should indicate the date to both put the employee on unpaid LOA and to return them from unpaid LOA in the Remarks box on the 1st page of the Change Form 101. Only one Change Form 101 is required for this instance.
  • If the employee is finished working for your department and will not be working again Spring Semester 2018, the employee should be terminated via Manager Self Service. Remember to indicate the last day worked and a Termination Reason of "End Temporary Employment" for these types of terminations.

For both of the above scenarios, please remember that if you indicate partial pay period dates, the employee will receive partial pay for the dates indicated. For example, if the unpaid LOA dates on the Change Form 101 indicate leave from December 20 - January 7, the employee will get partial payment for December 16 - 19, no pay for December 20 - January 7 and partial payment for January 8 - 15.


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