Recruiting Solutions

Recruiting Solutions is comprised of two modules in the PeopleSoft system. Candidate Gateway (where candidates go to look and apply for jobs) and Talent Acquisition Manager (the internal HR module for recruiters, hiring supervisors, and others to create, post, interview and hire candidates). The goal of the project is to streamline and make process improvements. The system-wide NDUS implementation of Recruiting Solutions will integrate with the current Peoplesoft HRMS. It is designed to create a better candidate experience and improve efficiencies for employee onboarding.


New Employee On-Boarding Process

Although departments are responsible to remind new employees to complete their on-boarding, Payroll Services will be monitoring new hires and will contact new employees and their departments, as necessary, to remind them to complete On-Boarding and the I-9 by deadlines above.   New employees who do not complete the I-9 by INS deadlines, will be terminated immediately and the hiring department will need to start the hiring process again.

Questions regarding Recruiting Solutions can be emailed to Human Resources at and questions regarding On-Boarding process can be emailed to Payroll Services at

  1. Hiring Department uses Recruiting Solutions to post job opening and find/select applicants.
  2. Hiring Department posts/sends Job Offer to selected applicant.  Selected applicant accepts online Job Offer, which requires them to enter their SSN and Birthdate (which replaces the first email in previous process).  Hiring Departments should never accept the job offer on behalf of the applicant or this information is not received. If the position requires a background check, the check must be completed prior to submitting the hire to Payroll Services.
  3. Hiring Department submits Hire to Payroll Services for approval, prior to the employment start date.
  4. Automatic email is sent to Hiring Manager in Hiring Department notifying them of the approval.  Employee may start work as soon as this email is received.
  5. Hiring Department asks new employee if they are currently employed in another position at NDSU.  If they are currently employed, they will not need to complete a new I-9, they only need to review their information in the On-Boarding system.
  6. New Employee will receive an email, with instructions, to Claim their NDUS Account (if not a current employee or student) and complete their On-Boarding, which includes completion of the I-9 (if needed) and the Employee Information form.
  7. If new employee is not a current NDSU employee, Hiring Department reminds employee to complete the On-Boarding as stated below:
    1. Complete Section 1 of the I-9 online and then complete Section 2 by presenting original identification documents (no pictures, copies or expired documents) to Payroll Services in person no later than the first day of employment.  Contact Payroll Services for I-9 remote hire instructions.
    2. Complete remaining On-Boarding activities as soon as possible.
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