Mark Genkinger
Human Resources Director
Phone: (701) 231-8788

Legal compliance, grievance administration, employee relations, policy development and interpretation, reduction in force, program development, employee/supervisor advising, salary administration, HRMS security, telecommuting, performance management

Kristina Astrup
Associate Director of Organizational Development
Phone: (701) 231-8965

Performance management, shared leave/negative leave, ADA, employee relations, salary administration/compensation, employee file review, compliance, seasonal compliance, new employee orientation, training, newsletters

Tina Berger
Benefits Associate
Phone: (701) 231-7543
Set up and balance benefit/payroll deductions, pre-pay withholdings, annuity deduction processing

Deanna Boucher
Payroll Tax Accountant
Phone: (701) 231-7119
Tax payments, remittance, reporting, payroll reconciliation, payroll tax compliance, federal and international, coordinate telecommuting/remote worksite process

Cindy Breyer
Recruitment Specialist

Phone: (701) 231-5678
Recruitment selection process (4000-7000 bands), retention support, PeopleAdmin training, support and administration, search training, on-boarding process, benefit assistance

Laura Garske-Hermanson
International Payroll Coordinator
Phone: (701) 231-7328
International employee employment and taxation, international NRA nonqualified scholarship tax,  1042-S forms

Julie Giffey
Payroll Records Technician
Phone: (701) 231-8958
Hiring (Grad, PTA & timeslip), Change 101's/DocuSign (Grad, PTA & timeslip), and Terms (Grad, PTA & timeslip), front end payroll duties (job data), ACH, W-4 and NDW-R backup (incoming and annual process), Perceptive Content, backup to Kim.

Amanda Hamre
Payroll Records Technician

Phone: 231-5677

Summer school, taxable expenses (CCars, tuition, meals, etc.), other earnings, backend payroll duties (payline, taxes, taxable, create add pays), timeslips/TLAB, adjustments (Grad, PTA & Timeslip), verification of employment & e-verify backup, ACH's - errors and incoming forms, W-4's - incoming forms, NDW-R's - incoming forms and assist in annual process, backup to the front desk.

Pat Hanson
Payroll Director

Phone: (701) 231-8990
All aspects of the payroll process, coordinates W-2 and E-W2 process, coordinates 1095-c and E-1095-c process, Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, paycheck questions/corrections, on/off cycle paychecks, coordinates Fiscal Year letter process, employee file review, compliance 

Sara Oestrich
HR Assistant

Phone: (701) 231-6293
HR recruitment support, tuition waiver processing, background checks, cost transfers, employment records management

Lydia Hendricks
Office Assistant
Human Resources and Payroll Office Assistant
Phone: (701) 231-8961
Reception, non-benefited and international Form I-9, address changes, name changes, scheduling appointments, website, W-2 reprints, movie tickets, Valleyfair tickets, Quarter Century Club and Staff Recognition events, blood drive coordinator

Kari Schmitz-Eilerston
Payroll Coordinator
Phone: (701) 231-6251
Payroll processing and questions, Worker's Compensation, Annuity processing, 403/457 deduction entry, tax payment (Federal and State)

Associate Director of Recruitment and Administration

Recruitment Selection Process (1000-3000 band), HR Administration, policy interpretation, benefits administration, job family assignment, Position Description development, create position numbers, grievance coordination, event oversight, employee relations, employee file review

Liz Thompson
HRMS Technician
Phone: (701) 231-5922
PeopleSoft training/questions (HRMS), PeopleSoft security access, writing PeopleSoft queries, PeopleAdmin tech support, responsibility review support, create position numbers, HR database, data requests

Sheila Tindall
Senior Payroll Records Technician
Phone: (701) 231-5657
Hiring/changes for benefited employees, summer salary, overloads, interim increase payments, contract - pay over 12 option, E-Verify benefited employees, Center for Child Development deductions, Center for Child Development newsletters and billing, contingent workers

Maria Wingenbach
Benefits Specialist
Phone: (701) 231-5602
Benefits questions, FMLA, new hire benefits, open enrollment, exit interviews, life status changes, COBRA, supplemental retirement accounts, recruitment assistance, retirements, ACA, unemployment

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