NDSU Employees Are Our Greatest Asset

At NDSU we believe in developing leaders across our University at every level. This is why we are offering a leadership program that aligns with the University’s mission and strategic plan to develop leaders. Participants of the program will gain stronger connections with fellow participants and the University community. Knowing this, NDSU defines professional development as each employee’s privilege to build discipline expertise, to enhance personal growth, to improve teaching abilities, and to contribute to organizational development. It is NDSU’s responsibility to provide options and each employee’s responsibility to invest in their development. There are several training/development opportunities that have taken place in the past and present at both the department and university level such as teambuilding, onboarding, and leadership sessions.

Program Learning Outcomes

Promote a better understanding of the operations of the University
Enhance ability to manage change, collaborate, and build partnerships and teams
Encourage the pursuit of self-development as a tool for goal achievement
Develop leaders at all levels

Book Review

Participants will participate in a book review during the program.


Employees who spend over five hours per week learning are more likely to know where they want to go in their careers, find greater purpose and feel less stressed.

2020 NDSU Leadership Development Program Participants

Abdul-Aziz BanawiJoshua Marineau
Adam GoldwynJulie Nash
Ajay KumarKayla Kottsick
Angela BachmanKelly Sassi
Angela SkaffKelly Stehr
Angela ThomassenLezlee Johnson
Anne DentonLisa Eggebraaten
Anne JohnsonLoretta Forsberg 
April HelgaasLori Peterson
Briana NupdalMarty Kautz
Catherine KratochvilMijia Yang
Christopher ColbertNicholas Dusek
Connie JadrnyPat Breen
Danyelle MarthalerRebecca Brynjulson
Deanna BoucherRyan Limb
Deb KnapperRyan McGrath
Emmanuel JinorSara Thompson
Eric AsaShafiqur Rahman
Gennifer BakerSimone Ludwig
Heather Higgins-DochtermannSintayehu  Daba 
Heidi PecoraroSmita Garg
Jerry SouthStephanie Day
Jill PetersonTara Hoyme
Jill Walkinshaw IsaakWenfang Sun
Jim GrayYuri Mantanholi
Jody Bohn Baldock
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