The mission of the College of Human Sciences and Education at NDSU is to provide nationally recognized educational programs, research and other scholarly activities that focus on people as they interact in work, educational, and living environments. Our visions are important to achieving this mission:

  • Vision 1: To provide programs which meet the current and future needs of students and society.
  • Vision 2: To provide quality academic environments which facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of resources and people.
  • Vision 3: To serve the diverse educational needs of a global audience through the use of technology as an enhancement or delivery method in the teaching and learning environment.
  • Vision 4: To contribute to the enhancement of economic development in North Dakota utilizing research and disseminating discipline-based information through North Dakota extension programming as well as through other forms of outreach.

In addition to the College mission and visions, Inclusiveness, Innovation and Excellence are the foundation for establishing long range and annual college goals. Unit and faculty goals, in turn, build on college goals.

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