HSE graduate spotlights

Graduation is a joyous time that often brings reflection on all that’s been learned, all that’s been experienced, everyone met along the way and how it all impacts what’s to come next and into the future.

The faculty and staff at the College of Human Science and Education are so incredibly proud of the hard work and determination of each student to better themselves and the communities we live in. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of all NDSU students graduating, while we spotlight a few of our own.

Abby Hopkins

Degrees: Bachelor’s of science in interior design and minor in psychology

Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota

Senior capstone project: Abby and her partner are designing a Family Centered Care Facility similar to a Ronald McDonald House where families can stay for extended periods of time when they have a sick child in the hospital.

Most memorable experience: “My most memorable experience at NDSU is going to my first Bison Football game. The students and the crowd are so spirited and it's just an amazing experience! Also being on campus and being involved in student organizations have been some of my greatest memories.”

Plans after graduation: Abby has accepted a position as a full-time designer at Holland Basham Architects in Omaha, Nebraska.

Marilyn Quintero

Degree: Masters of education in clinical mental health counseling

Hometown: Porterville, California

Most memorable experience: “In the Office of Multicultural Programs where I am a GA, I enjoy the atmosphere and the people and students I get to interact with every day. My program and my cohort have been supportive in all my steps through each year of my program.”

Plans after graduation: Marilyn will be pursuing her doctorate this coming fall in counseling education and supervision.  

Shawn Carlson

Degree: Doctorate in developmental science

Hometown: Willmar, MN

Title of dissertation: “Exploring the Relationships Between Elementary School Children’s Executive Function, Social-Emotional Functioning, and Academics: Utilizing a Nationally Representative Sample"

Most memorable experience: “My most memorable experience at NDSU was attending my first conference. It was a special topics meeting on promoting character development among children and adolescents. The concepts and theories I learned during the conference have stuck with me, and they continue to shape how I do research and teach. I have also been fortunate to have an incredible mentor, Dr. Joel Hektner, and colleagues that have made my journey at NDSU amazing.”

Plans after graduation: Shawn has accepted a post doctorate position at Purdue University and will be examining the key ingredients to help create the best developmental outcomes for children in preschool.


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College of Human Sciences and Education

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