NDSU prepares leaders in the apparel, retail merchandising and design industry

NDSU’s apparel, retail merchandising and design major prepares students to be leaders and problem solvers in the global marketplace.

“I chose NDSU’s program because I could decide whether I wanted a design focus or a business focus,” said Alex Meyer, a junior in the program from Fargo. “I want to work in a more business-oriented field, and I knew NDSU’s program could offer me the best of both worlds.”

Both tracks give students hands-on experience in product development, buying and merchandising. The program also offers a variety of internships, field trips and study tours to immerse students in the industry.

“In my classes, we work on a lot with projects. Sometimes it’s developing a line of NDSU-themed products to pitch to the NDSU Bookstore, while other times it’s partnering with a local retailer to create a visual display based on concepts we have learned in class,” Meyer said. “These experiences are helping shape my success, as I am actually applying what I’m learning in my coursework.”

The program also prepares students to be ethical team members and leaders. Students learn about social responsibility, sustainability and environmental issues as they relate to the fashion and retail industries.

Emily Reynolds Historic Costume Collection storage room remodeling project

In spring 2018, we were able to remodel one of our costume collection rooms. Clothes that were previously squeezed onto racks and dragging on the floor are now housed in cabinets that protect them from light, dust and damage. Clothes and accessories are now more easily accessible for research and tours.

Before                                                                                                         After

Another storage room remodeling project is on the horizon. The second storage room has overcrowded racks and completely filled shelves. The room is full and we cannot accept additional donations at this time. Remodeling this room would allow us to safely house and grow the collection. Plans for a reorganization include hanging storage, shelves for boxes, and drawers for accessories such as jewelry. There would also be space for a large working table. The estimated cost for the proposed remodel is $97,000.

We kindly welcome your donations to this remodel project. To donate, simply click here, scroll down to the donation information form and fill out the applicable fields. Your contributions are appreciated.

Current                                                                                            Future

Margaret Fitzgerald, Dean




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