HSE graduate program spotlight: athletic training

If you have aspirations to become a health care professional who collaborates with physicians and works in the orthopedic setting, NDSU can prepare you for a successful career in athletic training.

NDSU students gain real-world experience through academic and clinical experiences including: college (NCAA Division I, II and III), high school, semi-pro baseball, junior league hockey, sports medicine and rehabilitation clinics. The experiences prepare students for an in-demand career with job placement within six months of graduation.

“NDSU’s athletic training program allowed me to excel as a young professional by building a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in the classroom and allowing me to apply those skills in our diverse clinical settings,” said Mason Ankenbauer, recent athletic training graduate currently working as the assistant athletic trainer for the NDSU football team. “The athletic training program helped me start building a professional network through conferences, clinical rotations, and professional development seminars.”

Class sizes are small, with a low student-to-faculty ratio. Instructors are focused on student success.

“Faculty in our program focus on student success by providing individual experiences as students matriculate through the program,” said Shannon David, associate professor and professional athletic training program director. “Our students have been successful when challenging their certification exam.”

NDSU offers competitive tuition rates with $230,000 awarded in scholarships each year. Accelerate your career by applying for the Master of Athletic Training program today.

HSE student receives doctoral dissertation award

Emma Johnson was recently awarded a fellowship for her doctoral dissertation which will provide a monthly stipend plus funds for travel and supplies.

“Receiving this award means that I can fully dedicate my time and effort to the completion of my dissertation,” said Johnson, a developmental science doctoral candidate. “I will also use this award to present my findings at national or international conferences.”

Her research focus is on body dissatisfaction and body ideals, and how socializing agents are associated with body image disturbances. The title of her dissertation is Tracking Body Dissatisfaction and Body Ieas of Ethnically Diverse College Women.

Johnson was chosen based on quality and clarity of her research summary, her academic and professional credentials and the impact that the award will have on her ability to graduate this spring or summer.

“The support, guidance, opportunities and training that I have received have set me up to achieve this award,” said Johnson. “I give many thanks to the individuals at NDSU, in the College of Human Sciences and Education, and in the Department of Human Development and Family Science. I have felt incredible support from each. My advisor has pushed me to constantly improve. I cannot express enough gratitude.”

Regional association elects HSE graduate student

The North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision has elected Shellie Beeker to be the next graduate student representative.

The aim of ACES, in accordance with the purpose of the American Counseling Association, is to advance counselor education and supervision in order to improve counseling services in all settings of society.

“This appointment is a great honor to get to support my fellow graduate students,” said Beeker, a counselor education and supervision graduate student. “I take seriously the call to represent the needs and interests of graduate students in the region. I hope to continue to build engagement by graduate students in the organization from all 13 states in our region.”

Beeker said she is interested in developing stronger connections between professional members of the organization and graduate students to foster mentorship opportunities and professional bridges that are invaluable as graduate students transition into the field.

“Professional involvement was something that was mentored to me early in my graduate program,” said Beeker. “I was thankful to have a faculty member who created opportunities and invited me to participate actively in conferences and leadership positions. The counselor education program has supported my journey to this position with a clear focus and support from faculty to foster and hone in on my future goals. They have incredible guidance and flexibility in making classwork and assignments be most fitting for your individual goals.”

Dr. Jim Deal, Interim Dean

Email:  Jim.Deal@ndsu.edu

Dr. Jill Nelson, Interim Dean

Email:  Jill.R.Nelson@ndsu.edu

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