Homecoming highlights

Homecoming is a time-honored tradition that encourages alumni to reconnect with campus, students to celebrate and make memories, and for the local community to get involved. Hopefully you were able to take some time last week to connect with an old college friend, or maybe you even visited campus to participate in some of the festivities.

One event hosted by the College of Human Sciences and Education last week was a showing of the new documentary, “The Women of Alba Bales House.” It was filmed by Prairie Public and first aired earlier this year.

The documentary features interviews with many women who spent time in the house, commentary from NDSU community members and extensive materials from the NDSU Archives.

Women featured in the documentary held a panel discussion following the film. Panelists included Karen Kruse, Jane Nissen, Margaret Vollmuth, Donna Lewis, Sharon Anderson, Linda Narum, Janet Well and Virginia Olson. They shared stories about their time living in the house.

If you missed the event, you’re still able to watch the documentary on YouTube. We encourage you to learn more about Alba Bales and the history of the house that remains on campus today.

The impact of a student scholarship

The College of Human Sciences and Education last week held Honor's Day to recognize scholarship recipients and the generous donors who contributed. There were over 100 scholarships and $250,000 awarded this year.

We asked students to tell us about the impact that scholarships make for them. Here is what a few of them had to say.

“This scholarship allows me to attend school with less financial stress on my shoulders. Not only financially this scholarship has allowed me to accomplish goals and help others to benefit my career. This scholarship has given me the privilege of enjoying my time in college while becoming the best future teacher!”

“The scholarships I received have impacted me in several ways. First, they have allowed me to focus on my studies more, and know I am supported financially. Second, it has made me feel taken care of. When people invest in my education, it shows that they care about my success.”

“This scholarship has made a lasting impact on me because of how it has allowed me to be confident in my education and abilities, thus helping me to earn my degree and start my career.”

“This scholarship makes my financial burden a little less as I am a first-generation student and am in charge of paying for my education. This scholarship enables me to get a job that I can work part-time and not have to always be stressing over tuition. I am also able to spend more time with friends and family.”

“This scholarship allows me to worry less about financial burdens and to focus on my future career. It also motivates me to continue to work hard and learn as much as possible in order to make my donors (as well as myself) proud. I am so grateful for this scholarship and those generous enough to donate!”

Thank you to the many generous donors that are committed to supporting students in the College of Human Sciences and Education. Your contributions make an impact in the lives of students and their ability to extend that impact to the individuals they connect with in their future careers.

Dr. Ron Werner-Wilson, Dean

College of Human Sciences and Education

Phone:  701-231-8211

Email: ronald.werner.wilson@ndsu.edu

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