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As the world of academia is increasingly internationalized and borderless, developing lasting connections with individuals and institutions of higher learning within the global academic community is not only a desirable goal, but a pressing necessity. In this context, academic institutions benefit from the collaboration, cooperation, and reciprocal exchanges of expertise that result from increasing international connections within higher education. In recognition of the fast-paced dynamics of global academia and the growing web of connections to which all academic institutions contribute and benefit, the College of Human Sciences and Education (HSE) is committed to engaging internationally, as well as to fostering an environment that incorporates international perspectives in all of its domains of activity.

This space is intended to expand upon HSE’s mission “to provide nationally recognized educational programs, research and other scholarly activities” and highlight its vision “to serve the diverse educational needs of a global audience,” by promoting opportunities for engagement with and fostering a sense of belonging to the international academic community at home or abroad. To support this aim, these pages are meant to disseminate relevant information to faculty, students, and staff on HSE’s internationalization efforts which include a range of academic initiatives, such as incorporating international perspectives into the curriculum, encouraging teaching and study exchanges, supporting research collaboration, establishing international agreements and other related activities. 

The internationalization efforts are assisted through the work of the HSE International Education and Global Engagement Committee (IEGEC), the mission of which is “to promote and facilitate the integration of an international dimension, broadly conceived, into teaching, research, and service at the college level.” The committee members invite you to return to this informational space regularly for news, updates, and resources on opportunities for international engagement.

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