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This page contains a mix of academic readings on internationalization, ranging from news, scholarly research, strategic plans, evaluation reports and other useful resources for anyone interested in these themes. They are intended both as informational and practical tools to use in the internationalization of curriculum development, research endeavors and collaborative partnerships. These sources will be updated periodically.

Academic News

Quinn, R., Spannagel, J., & Saliba, I. (2021, March 11). Why university rankings must include academic freedom. University World News

O’Malley, B. (2021, March 3). International students warming to US after Biden victory. University World News

Marklein, M. B. (2021, February 14). International student strategies must change, says ACE. University World News

El Kirat El Allame, Y. (2019, December 12). HE Internationalisation – Challenges and future prospects. University World News.

Teferra, D. (2019, August 23). Defining internationalisation – Intention versus coercion. University World News. 

Zhou, J. (2019, April 20). How to engage faculty in curriculum internationalization. University World News.

Smithee, M.B. (2019, March 30). Internationalisation needs to get the balance right. University World News.

Marinoni, G., Egron-Polak, E., & Green, M. (2019, February 1). A changing view of the benefits of HE internationalization. University World News.

Marinoni, G., & de Wit, H. (2019, January 11). Is internationalisation creating inequality in higher education?University World News.

Mapping snapshot: Managing internationalization efforts. (2018, June 29). Higher Education Today.

Mapping snapshot: Focusing on international collaboration and partnerships. (2017, December 20). Higher Education Today.

Mapping snapshot: Funding for campus internationalization, 2013-16. (2017, November 14). Higher Education Today.

De Wit, H. (2017, February 24). Internationalisation of HE may be accelerating. University World News.

Choudaha, R., & Contreras, E. (2014, July 4). HE internationalisation – What gets measured, gets funded. University World News.

Scholarly Publications

Brajkovic, L., & Matross Helms, R. (2018). Mapping Internationalization on US Campuses. International Higher Education, 92, 11-13.

Buckner, E., & Stein, S. (2020). What counts as internationalization? Deconstructing the internationalization imperative. Journal of Studies in International Education, 24(2), 151-166.

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Hauptman Komotar, M. (2019). Global university rankings and their impact on the internationalisation of higher education. European Journal of Education, 54(2), 299-310.

Special Issue: Internationalizing the Curriculum. International Research and Review Journal of the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars, 6(2).

Schwille, J. (2016). Internationalizing a school of Education: Integration and infusion in practice. Ann Arbor: Michigan University Press.

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Stein, S. (2017). The persistent challenges of addressing epistemic dominance in higher education: Considering the case of curriculum internationalization. Comparative Education Review 61(S1), S25-S50.

Wang, Y., Sung, M.C., & Vong, K.I.P. (2019). The foreign moon is fuller: Chinese academics’ perception of internationalization. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education.

White, C. (2018). Internationalizing education: Local to global connections for the 21st century. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Publishers.


Glass, C.R., Godwin, K.A., & Matross Helms, R. (2021). Toward Greater Inclusion and Success: A New Compact for International Students. American Council on Education.

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University Internationalization Strategic Plans

United States

California State University, Monterrey Bay. Campus Internationalization Strategic Plan.

Case Western Reserve University. Plan for Internationalization.

Illinois State University. International Strategic Plan.

Kennesaw State University. Strategic Plan for Internationalization.

Portland State University. Strategy for Comprehensive Internationalization.

University of Minnesota. Metrics of Internationalization: A strategic approach to excellence.

Xavier University of Louisiana. Internationalization Strategic Plan.


Memorial University of Newfoundland. Strategic Internationalization Plan.

Queen’s University. Comprehensive International Plan.

University of Toronto. Global Engagement: UofT in the World.

Other Useful Web Resources

American Council on Education. Comprehensive internationalization framework.

American Council on Education. Internationalization Toolkit: ​A repository of resources for campus internationalization

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