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Below are some of the perks by becoming a National Member of IEEE:

IEEE Member Alias E-mail Service (FREE)
Basically what this service does is allows you to create an e-mail address that looks more professional under the server which forwards to your normal e-mail service whether it be plains, badlands, prairie, ndsu, hotmail, etc. Simply put, you get an account at and it forwards it to for example.

Monthly Subscription to the IEEE Spectrum (FREE)
With your membership you receive a monthly journal called The Spectrum which includes incisive articles reporting on innovations and perspectives at the forefront of technological development. Also included is the monthly newsletter, The Institute which keeps you up to date with current activities in IEEE.

Financial Advantage Programs
One of the major incentives in this category that students take advantage of, is the IEEE Credit Card. It starts with a 2.9% APR for 5 months then 9.74% APR thereafter. That's nearly half of all the other APR's on my other credit cards. Also no annual fee.

The IEEE Online Job Listing Service As an IEEE member, you can put your resume on-line at nocharge employers will access your resume instantly. In addition, you can access the entry-level position area, job search tools, US government job listing sites, find out about job fairs in your area, and more!

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