Section 1:
The name of the organization shall be North Dakota State University IME Advisory Board.

Section 2:
The purpose of the IME Advisory Board is to foster excellence in the department.  The Board will accomplish this through increased interaction between students, faculty and the business community, providing input on academic curriculum, recognizing distinguished alumni and professional achievements, and assisting in fund-raising activities.  The Board exists to support and advise the department, assist in recruiting efforts to maintain and increase enrollment, and pick quality students for the program.  The Board will dissolve should the department cease.


Section 1:
The Advisory Board shall strive to maintain active membership of thirty (30) voting members.  Nominations for new members will come from active members of the advisory board and faculty.  The active members of advisory board shall confirm new members through vote or electronic ballot.

Section 2:
The terms of office for Advisory Board members shall be open-ended.  It is in the best interests of the Department and the Board to maintain continuity and long-term membership will help to ensure this.  For new board members, the guideline is to serve a minimum of four years.

Section 3:
The Advisory Board will select new members to represent customers of the IME program. However, Board membership shall not be limited to graduates of NDSU, but may include individuals who are, or can be, active in their support of the Department.

Section 4:
The Advisory Board shall have the power to create committees with such duties as prescribed by the Board.  Such committees will appoint one of their members as chairperson.

Section 5:
All regular members of the Board shall be voting members. Ex-officio members of the Board shall be non-voting members.

Section 6:
Ex-officio members of the Board will provide information and communication between the Board and various faculty and student constituencies.

Section 7:
An ad hoc nominating committee for candidates for distinguished alumni and professional recognition awards will be created.  Dr. Allen Henderson, former Chair, and Colonel Elvin Isgrig, former Interim Chair, have offered to collaborate with the current Chair, and Chair of this Advisory Board to propose procedures and candidates for formal nominations.


Section 1:
The officers of the Advisory Board will be Chair and Vice Chair/Chair Elect.  The Vice Chair/Chair Elect position shall be elected during the Spring meeting each odd-numbered year.  This position will serve two years as the Vice Chair and two years as Chair of the Board.

Section 2:
The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Board and serve as chief spokesperson for the Board.  The Vice Chair (or Chair Elect) shall perform all the functions of the immediate past Chair in his/her absence or other duties as assigned by the Chair.

Section 3:
The IME Department Chair shall serve as an ex officio member of the Advisory Board.  A student selected by the Department Chair and Faculty will serve as an ex officio member of the Advisory Board.  The IME Department administrative support person shall record the official minutes of the meeting and provide support to the Chair and committees as necessary.

Section 4:
In the event of absence or inability of any officer to serve, the Board may delegate the powers and duties of that officer to any other officer or person whom it may select.


Section 1:
Regular meetings of the Advisory Board shall be held twice a year, normally in April and October.  The date and the location of the meetings will be decided by the IME Department Chair and the Board Chair.  The fall meeting will be designated as the Annual Meeting of the Advisory Board, and advisory board members will receive notice of such meeting at least eight weeks in advance.

Section 2:
Special meetings may be called at any time by the Department Chair or Board Chair.  Minutes of these meetings will be sent to all advisory board members.

Section 3:
A majority of the members of the Advisory Board shall constitute a quorum.


The Bylaws may be amended by notification to the Board members 30 days prior to the meeting where the proposed change(s) will be considered.  Passage of the proposed amendment(s) shall be by a majority of the Board and will include written or telecommunicated votes as well as the votes of members present at the meeting.  The Bylaws may be amended at either the spring or fall meeting by a quorum of active advisory board members.


The Chair of the Advisory Board is responsible for preparing a written report summarizing meetings of the Board and highlighting action items for members of the Board and the Dean.  The Chair of any established committee is responsible for preparing a written report summarizing their activities and highlighting suggested action items for members of the Board and the Dean.  The reports will be submitted to the IME Department Chair within 30 days of the meeting, and he/she will furnish copies to all members of the Board, Dean of the College of Engineering, and Provost.  As required, the IME Department Chair will arrange for the Board Chair and any additional Board members selected, to meet with University administrators.


The Board shall conduct an annual self-evaluation of past activities for purpose of improving the conduct of the Board and making necessary changes as a result thereof.



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