IME Department Recharge Center

The welding and machine labs in our dept. are provided as a service to students, faculty and other entities for the purpose of education, research and service to the community. We have high quality (South Bend) manual lathes and vertical milling machines. We also have CNC mills and lathes available for instruction as well as student and faculty –projects such as Capstone, senior design, student competition at the National level and R & D. Our welding lab is primarily used for instruction during the school year but may also be used for student and faculty undertakings. We have many processes available, stick, mig, tig, and flux core to name a few. Our goal is to provide training, instruction, service and consulting to the NDSU community and beyond.

Dan Whitney (lab technician/instructor): 231-8946

Shop Hours:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (M-F)


~IME Recharge Center Rates (Effective July 1, 2022)~

NDSU Rates:

  • Welding Unit (W)                               $2.00/hr
  • Machining & Fabrication Unite (M)    $4.00/hr

Off-Campus Rates:

  • Welding Unit (W)                               $45.00/hr
  • Machining & Fabrication Unite (M)    $48.00/hr

 IME Recharge Work Order Form


IME Machine Shop Rules:

  • Shop Hours:  Work performed by undergraduates in machine shops is permitted only during designated times established by the shop supervisor or lab personnel.
  • Shop Authority:  Shop personnel may prohibit shop access or machinery use for any reason.
  • Training:  No power machinery may be used without documented completion of safety training.  To receive training, contact Armon Myrick, lab technician, see contact info below.
  • Supervision:  Undergraduates may not work without the supervision of a shop supervisor or lab technician.
  • Safety Glasses:  Safety glasses are required when equipment is in use. Additional protective equipment may be required for certain operations.
  • Loose clothing, hair and jewelry:  No loose clothing may be worn in the shop - including ties, scarves and loose sleeves. Long hair must be contained and pulled back tightly. Long beards must also be contained. All jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches must be removed when using power equipment.
  • Attire:  No open-toed shoes may be worn. Long pants are required.
  • Guards:  All guards and shields must remain in place during machine operation.
  • Malfunctioning Equipment:  Report all damaged or malfunctioning equipment to the shop supervisor or lab technician. DO NOT use malfunctioning equipment.
  • Emergency access:  Keep aisles, exits and access to emergency exits clear.
  • Housekeeping: Clean up before and after each machine use is required.
  • Report Issues:  Immediately report all problems or concerns to the shop supervisor or lab technician.

To Report an Emergency:  Dial 911 from any campus phone or call campus police at 231-8998.

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