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Fall 2008 Faculty & Staff Retreat


Date:           Thursday 21 August 2008

Time:            8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location:     Season's at Rose Creek, Rose Creek Golf Course, 1500 Rose Creek Parkway, Fargo

8:00 am            

Coffee & Cookies            

8:00 - 8:30         

Dr. Gary Smith, Dean CEA

8:30 - 10:00       

Faculty/Department mission and objectives review

Budget - Sue Peterson

Search process, Next search committee

Department Meetings - Wednesdays 2:00 - 3:00 - Every other week or as needed

Fall Course Schedule

BS+30 Accreditation


New Curriculum Cards

Physics I only substitutes for Static and not Dynamics

IME 397 - Coop Credits

College Committees

Advisory Board Meeting - October, faculty Presenter

Space - Arch. 120 + Graduate students

Quonset demolition date is May 15th, 2009

Program Review Results

10:00 - 10:20            


10:20 - 12:00            


        • Prerequisite requirement for non majors
        • "C" or better grade in Math, Science, and Engineering courses
        • Capstone
          • Resolution/proposal: Faculty will each sponsor a project and supervise that project.  The teams will still follow the course format, reporting and other requirements

2:00 - 1:00      


1:00 - 2:30         

Continue Discussion

Assessment Results

2:00 - 2:30         


2:30 - 3:00         

Promotion & Tenure

  • Who is applying?
  • Applications and Portfolios are due to my office no later than October 1st
  • See Policy 352 for changes



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Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2008

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Season's at Rose Creek


Attendees: Dr. Bilen-Green, Dr. Zhang, Dr. Farahmand, Armon Myrick, Dr. Wells, Dr. Marinov,Dr. Maleki, Dr. Shi, Chuck Choate, Dr. Yadav

Recorder: Sue Peterson


Agenda item: State of the College/University, Dr. Gary Smith, Dean, CEA

  • Quonset Hut will be coming down
  • Research is down ($1.3M - dropped from $2M)
  • In-kind scholarly productivity is down
  • College average teaching level is over 4 on SROIs
  • FE exam results - 8 out of the group did not pass
  • Still do not have a firm date when ALA is moving
  • Collaboration with CNSE discussion
  • Last IME search cancelled (incorrect screening results compared to minimum qualifications stated); new search will be initiated in December-January.  The next search committee training is on September 3 at 9:30 a.m. in the Arikara Room, Memorial Union.
  • Dickinson Collaboration Agreement (Extension Engineering Specialist)
  • Program Fees:  Can be used for laboratory equipment for use in teaching classes for benefit of students only, but not for research equipment; cannot be used for faculty travel, office expenses, phone bills; can be used for computers/paper costs in clusters, some TAs.  Graders should be hired on an hourly basis using timeslips.
  • Student numbers are up (12,400)
  • Freshmen enrollment is up by 400
  • IP Issues (Val Kettner has short form available)
  • Bison Ventures
  • ENGR 491 (permission only/Sharon Miller-Distance & Continuing Ed)


Agenda Item:  Faculty/Department Mission and Objectives Review, Kambiz Farahmand

  • Mission and program educational objectives were reviewed
  • Some faculty felt that the dept. should have separate graduate students' educational objectives (also on web site), in addition to the undergraduate educational objectives


Agenda Item:  Budget, Sue Peterson/Kambiz Farahmand

  • Our appropriated budget is apx. the same as last year ($902,000); only $29,896 for operating expenses; the rest is for salaries.
  • College and accounting department will be paying close attention to how we use our student fee account
  • Accounting department is also paying close attention to our local fund accounts ("use it or lose it")

Agenda Item:  Search Process/Next Search Committee

  • The faculty position will be advertised in November-December 2008; applications will be reviewed by February.
  • The new search committee members are Canan Bilen-Green (Chair), David Wells, Om Yadav, Reza Maleki, one undergraduate student, one graduate student, one advisory board member

Agenda Item:  Department Meetings

  • Department meetings will be held on Wednesdays from 12:00-1:00 pm as needed

Agenda Item:  Fall Course Schedule

  • The Fall Course Schedule was reviewed; several minor errors were noted and will be corrected by Sue.  Add ENGR 489 (instructor approval), Collaborative Engineering Capstone, under Dr. Wells.
  • Urge graduate students to register as soon as possible
  • Sue will print out class rosters for ENGR 111 and IME 430 (Dr. David L. Wells)
  • Check out possibility of using CIE 101 for 330 lab
  • Graduate Seminar, Wednesday from 3-5 pm
  • Spring 2009 Schedule - Check on Dr. Bilen-Green's classroom assignment; who will teach IME 311?

Agenda item:  BS+30 Accreditation

  • CIEADH passed the following motion on May 19 at the IIE meetings in Vancouver:

    • Be it resolved that CIEADH believe that accreditation at the Masters level is neither necessary nor advantageous to Industrial Engineering programs (passed 51-3)

Agenda Item:  Recruiting

  • Need to do more recruiting in both programs
  • More use of signage, information on our web site
  • Check on the status of our promotional video


Agenda Item:  New Curriculum Cards

  • Physics I only substitutes for Static and not Dynamics
  • Students from tech schools must meet prerequisites to enter program


Agenda Item:  IME 397 - Coop Credits

  • IME 795 (graduate student) and IME 397 (undergraduate) for Coop credits - they will be enrolled with Career Services; credits will not apply to degree plan


Agenda Item:  College Committees

  • A copy of CEA college committees was provided
  • An updated copy was emailed to faculty on Friday, August 23rd


Agenda Item:  Advisory Board Meeting

  • The next Advisory Board meeting will be held on Friday, October 3 in the Memorial Union (during Homecoming Week). 
  • CEA Alumni Recognition (LTG Claude Christianson, 1971 graduate).  He will be in town on Friday, October 3 and had expressed interest in speaking to students on "Attributes of success in a rapidly changing world". If you have a class and you would like him to address the students please let Dr. Farahmand know.
  • The IME "Wall of Fame" will be unveiled to AB members
  • The faculty presenter this year will be Dr. David L. Wells
  • Discussion of LCD display by CIE 137 laboratory door- was suggested by AB members at last meeting


Agenda Item:  Space - Arch 120 + Graduate Students

  • Possibilities for office space also include 3 construction management offices
  • Dolve 3 could also be turned into lab space
  • Possibility of CIE 101 for 330 lab space
  • Quonset demolition is scheduled for May 15, 2009


Agenda Item:  Program Review Results

  • Recommendations:  Space is a high priority; relaxing IP issues; PhD program
  • Program Review results were emailed to the faculty on August 22
  • This program review is good for five years


Agenda Item:  Prerequisite Requirement for Non-Majors

  • Proposal will be submitted by Dr. Wells
  • Motion made by Dr. Farahmand to approve the policy as stated; motion seconded by Dr. Jing Shi; motion did not pass.
  • Motion made by Dr. Farahmand to approve the policy with the following change:
    "Students, from any major throughout North Dakota State University and the Tri-College system, will be accepted into IME courses, provided that they have achieved the necessary prerequisite requirements.  Students who have not passed the prerequisites for the courses in question will be administratively withdrawn."
    Motion seconded by Dr. Jing Shi.  The vote was unanimous to accept the above stated policy.
  • Consider amendment sentence to NDSU Catalog stating that pre- and co-requisites for non-major students will be enforced.
  • Proposal for program fee for Minors (?)
  • Proposal for grade of "C" or better in fundamental courses (Math, Science, & English) - Motion made by Dr. Jing Shi for grade of "C" or better in fundamental courses.  Motion failed.
  • Motion made by David Wells for following change:
    "IME students must earn a grade of 'C' or better in chemistry, mathematics, and physics courses before applying those courses as prerequisites for subsequent study."
  • Marinov seconded the motion.  The motioned passed by a vote of 8/1.
  • This statement needs to be added to the bottom of the curriculum card.


Agenda Item:  Capstone

  • Resolution/proposal:  Faculty will each sponsor a project and supervise that project.  The teams will still follow the course format, reporting, and other requirements.  This discussion was tabled at last faculty meeting.  Jing Shi made a motion to open the item up for rediscussion.  David Wells seconded the motion.
  • Resolution to modify the amendment as follows was proposed by Dr. Farahmand:
    "Faculty will have the option to sponsor a project and supervise that project.  The teams will still follow the course format, reporting, and other requirements."
    Dr. Marinov seconded the motion.  The motion passed by a vote of 8/1. 


Agenda Item:  Research

  • Research dollars are dropping; number of research proposals declining; number of publications per faculty member has declined.  Proposal by CEA for awarding those high-producing faculty with raise; money would be pooled from all departments within the college.


Agenda Item:  Graduate Program

  • GS admissions
  • GTA assignments


Agenda Item:  Promotion & Tenure

  • No one in the department is applying for promotion or tenure this year.

The meeting adjourned at 3:43 p.m.


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