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Graduate Course Descreptions

IME 611

Human Factors Engineering

Credits: 3

A survey of human factors engineering topics with an emphasis on optimizing person-machine and person-system interactions. Human physical and cognitive capabilities will be investigated to improve work design, interface design, and usability. Prereq: IME 311, IME 460. F/2.

IME 627

Electronics Manufacturing

Credits: 3

Process and production engineering for manufacturing of electronic components; specialty materials, process parameters, production system design factors, production performance metrics. Introduction to concurrent engineering applied to development of electronic products. Open to all engineering majors.  Offered Fall, odd years.

IME 630

Process Engineering

Credits: 3

Comprehensive analysis of selected manufacturing processes; development of process flow maps and models of process dynamics, evaluation of processing alternatives. Design of effective and efficient processes for selected industrial products. Seminar/case study format. Prerequisite: IME 330. Offered Fall.

IME 631

Production Engineering

Credits: 3

Undergraduate: design of fixtures, dies and tooling for economical production. Graduate: In-depth analysis of production systems for selected manufactured products; development of production system flow maps and linked process dynamic models, evaluation of task time and identification of constraints. Design of alternative solutions for production constraints. Seminar/case study format.  Prerequisites: IME 330; Recommended: IME 430/630. Offered Spring.

IME 635

Plastics Materials and Processes

Credits: 3

Product and process engineering for plastic products: material properties and selection, plastic parts design, tools and methods selection, quality evaluation for manufactured plastic parts. Course project to design a plastic part and injection mold and validate the results in a laboratory setting. Cross-listed with ME. Prereq: IME 330

IME 640

Engineering Economics

Credits: 3

Capital investment decision foundation within the rules of general and project accounting. Analysis of benefits and returns against cost for engineering installation, operation, life cycle, and buy-rent-lease decisions. Prerequisites: Junior standing or IME major.  Offered Fall, Spring and Summer.

IME 650

Systems Engineering and Management

Credits: 3

Integration of technical disciplines through the stages of systems life cycle: needs and requirements determination, operating and support concepts, design and prototyping, test and evaluation, facilitation, manuals, training, and supportability. Prerequisites: Junior. Offered Fall.

IME 651

Logistics Engineering and Management

Credits: 3

The course emphasizes on integrated logistics management methods to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of material flow, information flow and cash flow for the entire supply chains. Coreq: IME 470. F/2, odd years.

IME 652

Integrated Industrial Information Systems

Credits: 3

Integration of technical, business, and operational information for status, progress, and decision making in product development, manufacturing, and logistical support of product and customers.Pre-requisite: IME 450 or 650. Offered Spring.

IME 653

Hospital Management Engineering

Credits: 3

Survey of management engineering roles in the delivery of health care. Review of functional relationships present in health care delivery systems. Application of industrial engineering tools to solve health care delivery problems focused on cost reduction, process redesign, facility design, quality improvement, and systems integration.  Pre-requisite: departmental approval; students should have taken core industrial engineering courses. Offered Spring, even years.

IME 655

Management of People Systems

Credits: 2

Study of traditional management functions (planning, organizing, influencing, and controlling) in the context of engineering and management system interactions. Emphasis on communication skills, teaming, job design, leadership, facilitation, and improving employee productivity. Prerequisites: Junior. Offered Fall.

IME 656

Program and Project Management

Credits: 3

Capstone experience. Integration of technical, business, and operational specialties in a project consulting firm. Work with multidisciplinary teams that design, plan, and present for a variety of industrial clients. Prerequisites: Senior. Offered Spring.

IME 660

Evaluation of Engineering Data

Credits: 3

Design of engineering experiments and evaluations, curve fitting, regression, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, Taguchi methods in engineering design.  Pre-requisite: Math 166. Offered Fall and Spring.

IME 661

Quality Assurance and Control

Credits: 3

Proactive and reactive quality assurance and control techniques; emphasis on quality planning, statistical process control, acceptance sampling, and total quality management. Issues in reliability and maintainability engineering. Pre-requisite: IME 460 or 660. Offered Spring.

IME 662

Total Quality in Industrial Management

Credits: 3

The meaning and means for achieving “total quality” in all dimensions of industrial activities and organizations. Topics include continuous improvement, statistical process control, leadership, and training. Offered Fall, even years.

IME 663

Reliability Engineering

Credits: 3

Study and application of statistical models and methods for defining, measuring and evaluating reliability of products, processes and services: life distributions, reliability functions, reliability configurations, reliability estimation, parametric reliability models, accelerated life testing, reliability improvement. Pre-requisite: IME 460 or 660. Offered Spring, odd years.

IME 670

Operations Research I

Credits: 3

Techniques to optimize and analyze industrial operations. Use of linear programming, transportation models, networks, integer programming, goal programming, dynamic programming, and non-linear programming.  Pre-requisites: Math 129, Math 265. Offered Spring.

IME 671

Operations Research II

Credits: 3

Probabilistic operations research. Queuing theory, decision analysis, Markov processes. Pre-requisite: IME 460 or 660, 470 or 670. Offered by demand.

IME 672

Simulation of Business and Industrial Systems

Credits: 3

Development of the fundamentals and techniques of simulating business and industrial systems. Monte-Carlo techniques and computer usage. Pre-requisites: IME 460/660, high-level computer language.  Offered Spring.

IME 680

Production and Inventory Control

Credits: 3

Planning and controlling of industrial production and inventory: demand forecasting, master scheduling, materials requirements planning, job scheduling, assembly line balancing, and just-in-time production.  Pre-requisites: IME 460 or 660, 470 or 670. Offered Fall.

IME 682

Automated Manufacturing Systems

Credits: 3

Design of integrated production systems including flexible, programmed automatic control for fabrication, assembly, packaging, movement, and storage. Numerical control, flexible manufacturing systems, and computer integrated manufacturing. 2 recitations, 1 three-hour laboratory. Pre-requisites: IME 311, 330, ECE 303. Offered Fall.

IME 685

Industrial and Manufacturing Facility Design

Credits: 3

Capstone integration of analysis and design tools to convert product design into production plans and plants.  Prerequisite: Senior. Offered Spring.

IME 699

Supply Chain Management

Credits: 3

Concepts and methods in supply chain strategies, planning and operations. Topics include logistics network configuration, inventory management, distribution strategies, strategic alliances, supply chain design, and information technology. Pre-requisites: Math166 and IME 460/660, or equivalent.

IME 711

Advanced Human Factors Engineering

Credits: 3

Research-based study of current human factors engineering problems. Students will review current human factors topics, design and conduct research studies, and produce technical papers reporting results. Pre-requisites: IME 411 or 611, 460 or 660. Offered Fall, odd years.

IME 720

Surface Engineering

Credits: 3

Engineering surfaces: structure and properties. Tribology: surface contacts, friction and wear. Surface heat treatment. Solid, liquid and vapor phase deposition processes for tribological coatings. Emerging processes: nano-engineered and diamond-based coatings. Evaluation and characterization of tribiological coatings.  Pre-requisite: Graduate standing in engineering or science Offered Spring, odd years.

IME 740

Advanced Engineering Economics

Credits: 3

Advanced topics in engineering economy including replacement analysis, capital budgeting, income tax effects on equipment selection, probabilistic models, and manufacturing costing.  Pre-requisite: IME 440 or 640. Offered Fall, odd years.

IME 761

Quality Engineering

Credits: 3

Study and application of advanced statistical tools and techniques for defining, monitoring and improving quality of products, processes and services: statistical control charts, process capability analysis, acceptance sampling of variables and attributes, application of design-of-experiments for product and process optimization, response surface methodology, Taguchi methods. Pre-requisite: IME 461 or 661. Offered Fall, odd years.

IME 765

Data Analysis

Credits: 3

Applications oriented. Topics include: statistical estimation, hypothesis testing, non-parametric methods, and design of experiments, factorial experiments, response surface methodology, regression analysis, time series analysis and forecasting, multivariate methods, statistical control charts. Pre-requisites: Math 166 and IME 460/660, or equivalent.

IME 770

Advanced Operations Research Topics

Credits: 3

Study of the theory and applications of linear programming, network flows, and nonlinear programming.  Pre-requisite: IME 470 or 670. Offered Fall, odd years.

IME 772

Advanced Simulation

Credits: 3

In-depth study of special purpose simulation languages to model, analyze, and design industrial and engineering systems. Stochastic and deterministic methods are included. Pre-requisite: IME 472 or 672. Offered Spring, even years.

IME 774

Neural Networks

Credits: 3

See Computer Science 735 for description.

IME 780

Advanced Production and Inventory Control

Credits: 3

Study of the theory and applications of production scheduling, inventory management, production planning, just-in-time production, and materials requirement planning. Pre-requisite: IME 480 or 680. Offered Fall, even years.

IME 782

Robotics/CAD/CAM/Control Systems

Credits: 3

Study of automation, integration of fabrication, and assembly systems. Includes automated material handling and intelligent control systems. Pre-requisite: IME 482 or 682. Offered Spring, odd years.

IME 784

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Credits: 3

Study of the continuum of integrated manufacturing processes where computer technology is incorporated in the conception, design, planning, and fabrication of a good or service. The study of philosophy and methods of systematically building flexible and efficient production systems. Pre-requisite: IME 472 or 672. Offered Spring, even years.

IME 785

Facilities Location

Credits: 3

Theory and methods of locating facilities. Domains include plant and warehouse siting, emergency service sites, vehicle and hazardous material routing, distribution systems design. Topics include planar single and multi-facility models, network location problems, cyclical networks. Pre-requisite: IME 470/670 or ENGR 770 or equivalent.

IME 786

Manufacturing Systems Analysis

Credits: 3

Comprehensive analysis of complex issues in the technology and management of modern manufacturing systems and enterprises. Technological issues will impinge on product realization, production of goods, and manufacturing equipment and facilities; management issues addressed will be those drawn from operation of global production enterprises. Seminar format.  Pre-requisite: IME 630 or 631. Offered Spring.

The following variable courses are also offered:

IME 790

Research Seminar

Credits: 1-3

IME 692/792

Case Studies

Credits: 1-3

IME 793

Individual Study

Credits: 1-5

IME 794


Credits: 1-8

IME 695/795

Field Experience

Credits: 1-15

IME 696/796

Special Topics

Credits: 1-5

IME 797

Master's Paper

Credits: 1-4

IME 798

Master's Thesis

Credits: 1-10

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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