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IME Department Graduate Programs Educational Objectives

To provide an environment that encourages and promotes learning, growth, and stimulates students in their intellectual, professional and personal development.

To challenge students in the latest technological topics and to provide them with opportunities to engage in advanced studies, to conduct research, and to develop skills for professionally communicating their work.

To provide opportunities for students to both broaden and deepen their capabilities in analysis, synthesis of disparate technological elements, experimental research methods, scholarly writing and presentation.

To provide guidance to students for their choices in research, scholarship and career outlook.

To provide effective evaluation of student achievements and positive recommendations for continuing self-improvement.

Graduate Program Outcomes (MS)

At the conclusion of graduate study, the successful Master of Science student will be able to …

…  assimilate knowledge developed by scholarly predecessors;

…  critically assess contemporary socio-technological issues;

…  discern and define relevant problems for solution by technological means;

…  conduct penetrating analysis using modern mathematical and scientific methods;

…  design practical solutions to defined problems;

…  validate technological solutions through appropriate experimental methods;

…  critically assess research of their own and of others;

…  write clearly and effectively for the practical utilization of their work.

Graduate Program Outcomes (PhD)

In addition, at the conclusion of doctoral study, the successful Doctor of Philosophy student will be able to …

…  articulate original and fundamental ideas, concepts and opinions regarding the broader relevance, timelessness and societal effects of scholarly work in their discipline and specialty;

…  define topical paths of research to address significant socio-technological problems;

…  conduct independent research;

…  devise new methods for successful experimentation;

…  assess broad topical areas of research;

…  develop and write clear and effective written expositions of selected technological fields;

…  develop and deliver clear and effective oral presentations of substantive technological content.

Graduate Program Outcomes (General)

All graduates of the program at both Master and Doctorate level will be prepared to ….

…  work as industrial or manufacturing engineers in various industries.

…  assume professional positions as academicians, or researchers for higher educational institutions and private or government sector.

…  work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

…  understand professional and ethical responsibility.

…  communicate effectively and globally.

…  understand the need and engage in life-long learning.


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