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Manufacturing Engineering Program Educational Objectives


 Within a few years of their formal commencement, graduates of the Manufacturing Engineering program at NDSU will be expected to  …


   1]   …  have become established as practicing career engineers/professionals/managers, exercising effective problem-solving and creative design skills for technologically relevant, economically sound and socially responsible world-class manufacturing activities.


   2]   … have developed sound decision-making capability that effectively and efficiently employs and integrates lean principles, technology, materials, machinery, processes, people and monetary resources in progressive modern manufacturing environments.


   3]   … have developed capacity to contribute effectively in multi-disciplinary teams in both leadership and followership roles, with an appreciation for the value of ethical responsibility and cultural diversity.


   4]   …  have continued to expand professional knowledge and competencies through effective life-long learning attained through formal advanced study, job-skill development and personal initiative, enhancing both professional capabilities and personal life in a relevant societal and global context.


   5]   …  have developed advanced expertise for communicating complex concepts of the technologies and organizational structures of manufacturing within contexts of both engineering and business constituencies and the general public.


   6]   …  be productive citizens, involved with and seeking both service and leadership roles in their communities and profession.



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