Executive Committee

    Canan Bilen-Green, Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs and Equity
    Alan Denton, Professor, Physics and Faculty Fellow
    Ryan Eagle, PH Research Project Manager, American Indian Public Health Resource Center and Staff Senate DEI Committee
    Heather Higgins-Dochtermann, Director, Equal Opportunity and Title IX Compliance
    Jess Jung, Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts and Faculty Fellow
    Greg Lardy, Vice President, Agricultural Affairs
    Larry Napoleon, Associate Professor, School of Education and Faculty Fellow
    Julie Nash, Excellence Programs Manager, Faculty Affairs and Equity
    Indranil SenGupta, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Faculty Senate Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
    Olivia Thomas, Undergraduate Student and Student Government Executive Commissioner of Diversity and Inclusion
    Deirdre Voldseth, Professor, Entomology and Faculty Fellow
    Jaclynn Wallette, Director, Multicultural Programs

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