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Courses Offered

The Intercultural Communication course (COMM 216) aims to help students develop a broad understanding of the nature of relations between different cultural groups and enhance their cultural sensitivity. It also focuses on improving communication skills needed for use in international settings.

Structure of the Course

The class modules are taught through a combination of lectures, activity days (small group interactions) and experiential service learning experiences outside of class.

Student Testimonials

“The course gave me a major experience with intercultural communication, as I really feel that I have improved by ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in interactions with other cultures”

“Through the knowledge I gained from the intercultural communication course, I developed an understanding about the importance of one’s identity and how important it is to me”

“I think this experience helped me understand how to be open-minded in new environments and respect other people’s way of life”

“It was not only beneficial, it was fun!”


Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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