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In order to fulfill its mission the NPEI considers two fundamental questions; what kind of world do we want to live in, and how do we get there? These questions and our procedure for answering them are intended to rectify the problems we face in society, while at the same time, achieving the ultimate goal of a better local, regional, and national society.

To answer these questions well, the NPEI must do the following:

  • Promote broad participation in improving this region culturally, democratically, economically, and socially,
  • Plan for a long term, sustainable future,
  • Blend academic research and scholarship with public experience and skill,
  • Make thoughtful and helpful statements on public issues,
  • Foster citizenship by encouraging civil discourse, and
  • Facilitate a climate for discussion and consensus so that it is not necessary to write many rules and regulations for other people to follow, i.e., a positive and not a negative attitude to ethics.

Leaders of business, religion, education, government, labor, health care, law and human services

will assist the NPEI in its focus. It will provide guidance in identifying and advancing the ethics, principles and values that characterize the spirit of community and quality of life we want for one another and for future generations.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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