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Greetings Emeritus Colleague,

The Northern Plains Ethics Institute (NPEI) plans to begin what a number of universities nationally have called an Emeritus College. While this idea is not the unique property of the NPEI or of NDSU, we can at least claim that we arrived at this concept independently. At this point in the discussion, turn to your computer and “Google” in the term “emeritus college”. You will find that the following themes are part of the essential concept:

1) When faculty retire something must be done so that their skills and knowledge simply do not just evaporate,

2) The concept “emeritus college” is becoming widely employed to prevent this waste from taking place,

3) Scholars are able to freely associate to form projects and think tanks without the pressures of having to prove one’s career as worthy of promotion, tenure, and salary reward,

4) It offers the possibility of following up on ethical concerns when have developed in the course of one’s regular research but have been precluded by administrative, financial, or other impediments, and

5) Many may find it interesting, productive, and consequential to seek relationships with colleagues from various fields.

Indeed, we may find that some of the objectives that attracted many of us to the academic life would be attained at the end of a career rather than years earlier. These findings, moreover, will be available to the university and the state that supports it.

We at the NPEI, then, hope to lay out a playing field to become the environment for a number of significant ventures yet to be experienced.

From the NPEI

Dennis Cooley, Director


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