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Where do I find updates and general information about my international student health insurance?

Insurance updates and information about payment deadlines and links to policy information from UHCSR are always located at our main insurance webpage, at:

How do I get my insurance card?

New students arriving for summer semester - please contact your international student advisor upon arrival to request health insurance be charged to your summer account.

Updates for the Fall 2016 semester: Around September 1, the process of determining the list of international students to enroll in the policy will begin. After a student is enrolled in the insurance policy, you will then receive an email from UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR) stating you can now enroll in "My Account" and set up your online profile. It usually takes anywhere from a few days to a week to receive this email from UHCSR. You can download your insurance card from this portal. Wait for the email from UHCSR. But if you have been told by ISSAS that your coverage has been added, you can also go directly to the UHCSR website to log-in to access your account as before, or if you are completely new student - to create a new login.

To access your account, log in using this URL:

Please see the green box that says “Go Green – My Account.” In that section, please click “Create an Account” if you have never logged in or if you are a new student, and follow the steps to create your account. Or if you are a continuing student who had UHSCR last semester, choose “Login to My Account” and login as you have done in the past to see your new coverage information. If you have trouble logging in to your account or creating one, please contact UHCSR’s customer service. The contact information is listed near the top of our page here,  If you never receive the email from UHCSR, please be sure to check your spam/junk mail and update your mailbox settings if necessary, if the email from UHCSR went there by accident.

To request your card:
Once logged in, select ID Card Information, and you will be given two options: “Request Permanent ID card”  and/or  “View or Print ID Card." You can do both options, or you can also set up a mobile app on your phone through the UHCSR smartphone app. Search for "UHC StudentResources" for Apple or Android in the App Store or on Google Play to view your insurance card.

What will my insurance card look like?

This is a sample insurance card - your card will appear similar to this. Please note general instructions for claim filing and contact information on the back of the card.

What is my policy number?

Each student always has an individual, unique, "SR ID #" that is also found on the card. This will remain the same for you each semester.

For the 2016-17 Academic Year (policy dates of August 16, 2016 - August 15, 2017):
Your policy number is: 2016-262-4. This policy number is the same for all NDSU international students enrolled in the 2016-17 policy period.

For the 2015-16 Academic Year (policy dates of August 16, 2015 - August 15, 2016):
Your policy number is: 2015-262-4. This policy number is the same for all NDSU international students enrolled in the 2015-16 policy period.

For the 2014-15 Academic Year (policy dates of August 16, 2014 - August 15, 2015):
Your policy number is: 2014-262-4. This policy number is the same for all NDSU international students enrolled in the 2014-15 policy period.

For the 2014-15 Academic Year (policy dates of January 1, 2014 - August 14, 2015):
Your policy number was: 2013-262-4. This policy number is the same for all NDSU international students enrolled in the previous policy period until August 14, 2015.



How do I contact UHCSR customer service?

Customer Service: 1-877-433-6667

If you have contacted UHCSR customer service and your issue was not able to be resolved after their input, please pass the information onto your international student advisor if it was not resolved. Because your health information is considered private information, it is very difficult for UHCSR to correspond with anyone from the ISSAS office directly about your health insurance issues. Therefore, our first suggestion is always to have you contact UHCSR directly because they are able to freely discuss your situation with you, but they can only provide very limited information to us.

But if you have already tried this route and the issue was not solved, if you feel comfortable, please forward the email string onto your advisor - and if you called customer service, please email your advisor to explain the issue you were having and include the phone number you called from when you contacted UHCSR. With this information, at our discretion, we can possibly contact UHCSR if needed.

Important Notes about Utilizing the NDSU Student Health Service and the Referral Requirement

Utilizing the NDSU Student Health Service. This is very important: Students should first seek care at Student Health Service if SHS is open. If no referral is received, the benefit will not be paid to you by UnitedHealthcare. There are a few exceptions to the referral requirement, and those will be noted below under “Visiting a Provider Off-Campus.” Please note the Student Health Service (SHS) benefit provides coverage at 100% for covered benefits (except Prescriptions which are subject to copays of $10/Tier 1, $30/Tier 2 and $50/Tier 3) when treatment is done at the NDSU Student Health Service, so it is usually much cheaper to get treatment on campus.  The NDSU Pharmacy does bill insurance, but the NDSU SHS does not. To receive reimbursement for services done at SHS, students should submit their paid claims to UHCSR for reimbursement.

Visiting a provider off-campus. If you choose to visit a provider off-campus, you must first receive a referral from NDSU’s SHS to allow you to receive services off campus. If a referral is received, there is a $25 physician co-pay due at the time of service. Covered services are then covered at 80%. Students only need to seek a referral for a particular condition once per benefit period (each benefit period runs by policy year, August 16th through August 15th of the following year). When the next policy year begins and you still have the same medical condition, you will need to visit SHS again first and receive another referral.

When is a referral not necessary? If you are sick and the NDSU SHS is closed and you require immediate medical care, please do not delay getting the help you need. A referral from SHS is NOT necessary under the following conditions only, so please read carefully:
1.    Medical Emergency.  The student must return to SHC for necessary follow-up care.
2.    When the Student Health Center is closed.
3.    When service is rendered at another facility during break or vacation periods.
4.    Medical care received when the student is more than 50 miles from campus.
5.    Medical care obtained when student is no longer able to use the SHC due to a change in student status.
6.    Maternity, obstetrical and gynecological care.
7.    Mental Illness treatment and Substance Use Disorder treatment.
**Also please note that dependents also do not need a referral. This is because dependents are usually not students and are thus not eligible to utilize the SHS services.

Using the NDSU Pharmacy

Please click here to find out more about using the NDSU Pharmacy and what services are provided. Please note the UHCSR policy is accepted at the NDSU Pharmacy.

Health Care During Summer Break - and Use of NDSU's Student Health Service

Remember that the Spring semester ends on 05/13/16.

  • If you are enrolled for summer semester, you are still eligible to utilize the clinic as you are paying student fees.
  • If you are not enrolled in summer semester, you may still utilize clinic services after 05-13-16 for an annual one-time summer-user fee of $40. In order to be eligible for the summer user fee, you must have been enrolled in the Spring - AND ALSO enrolled for the Fall semester.
  • Please contact Student Health Service with any questions regarding your eligibility to use the clinic during summer break:

If you were enrolled Spring – but are not enrolled for summer (and do not choose to pay the $40 user fee nor be enrolled for Fall), you can visit an off-campus provider without a referral. If you file a claim and it is incorrectly denied, please contact UHCSR Customer Service immediately.
**Please note this falls under the referral exception in your policy as referenced in the "Student Health Center (SHC) Referral Required" section - for example, page 17 in the 2015-16 Policy Brochure found on this page:

I will graduate in May and know my insurance is valid through August 15th. Do I still have to get a referral from the NDSU Student Health Service?

No you will not need a referral from Student Health Service after graduation.  The student insurance plan you have now does offer an exception for after you graduate. If your student status changes, like because of graduation and you are no longer enrolled, you can still use the student health plan through August 15th for example – but because you are no longer eligible to use the health services on campus, you must go off-campus for your treatment and no referral is required. So as soon as you graduate, you can be seen by the provider/clinic off campus that you choose and you will have coverage. If your claim is incorrectly denied, contact UHCSR Customer Service.

How do I file a claim after visiting NDSU's Student Health Service?

There are two easy steps to file a claim for services you've received at Student Health Service (SHS) on campus!

  1. View your statement from NDSU Student Health Service and download a copy.
    Please note: The statement will be available in your Student Health Portal within 2 weeks of your visit to the NDSU Student Health Service. You will be notified by email when the statement is ready to be viewed in the portal.

  2. Send an email to with the following information:

    • The statement from Student Health, mentioned above.
    • Your policy number (found above in one of the frequently asked questions)
    • Your insurance ID number (Your SR ID - found on your card)
    • The address where you want your reimbursement check mailed to.

Always remember to please submit your claim in a timely manner!

If I file a claim, how long does it take to receive my reimbursement check?

If you have filed the claim properly, providing all of the necessary information, the claim is typically processed within 14 working days.  UHCSR encourages you to create your online "My Account" with UHCSR and check it for communication from UHCSR in case any additional information is required. Also, please make sure your current address is updated in your My Account so that the refund check arrives at your correct address without delays.

Fall - Dependent Pre-Registration: How do I enroll my dependents?

For returning/continuing students with dependents already insured through UHCSR – to avoid a gap in coverage for your dependents you must pre-register your dependents at by clicking the link for “Dependent Enrollment (for dependents of international students and graduate assistants) prior to August 29, 2016.

The deadline to complete the pre-registration process is September 15, 2016.  If you miss the deadline you will not be able to purchase dependent coverage until January 2017.

Students enrolling new dependents, please note:  You as the primary student are enrolled automatically by the ISSAS office each period as you remain an enrolled NDSU student.  If you decide to purchase coverage for your dependents, the process is as follows:

The ISSAS office will send in the list of insured students after the second week of classes. If you or your dependents need to have your enrollment processed before, so that you can see a doctor or fill a prescription, please contact your international student advisor.

  • Because your dependents cannot be enrolled until ISSAS has sent in the list with your name on it, you need to pre-register your dependents for coverage immediately. To pre-register your dependents, follow this process:

    • Go to and click the link under Plan Information “Dependent Enrollment (for dependents of International students and Graduate Assistants)" and provide all of the required information.  Your dependent’s coverage will be effective on the date you complete this form.
    • Once the ISSAS office sends in the list of students to enroll, you will receive an email from UHCSR with a payment link to purchase the dependent coverage (you have five days to finalize the purchase).
    • As a reminder, if your dependent needs coverage prior to the enrollment list being sent by ISSAS, contact your international student advisor.

    If you have any questions about the process for adding a dependent or about the coverage for your dependent, please contact UHCSR customer service directly at 1-877-433-6667.



NDUS Policy/Procedure 505 says that I can request a waiver of the insurance if I have comparable coverage. Where can I find more information on this?

Please click here for more information on waivers of the NDUS insurance requirement and for a copy of the waiver form.

I plan to graduate in May or am going home for the summer before classes start in the Fall. Can I get an insurance refund or pay only through May?

No, you are still required to pay the Spring/Summer amount in full. Also, refunds or waivers pro-rated for the summer period are not allowed. The insurance plan is considered non-refundable. If you are eligible to purchase it at the start of the semester, you remain eligible for the insurance throughout the remainder of the plan year (through August 15 of each year) even if you are not enrolled in summer classes.

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