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An Important Note about Dependent Insurance

Please note: If you are planning on bringing family members and wish to have them covered through the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources student insurance plan, depending on their arrival date, they may not be eligible for coverage immediately upon arrival.

  • Because of this, we recommend dependents arrive within the first two weeks after the start of the semester and that you reserve their coverage in advance of that semester's start date to ensure no gaps in coverage. If they will be arriving at the beginning of a semester, coverage begins August 16 for Fall arrivals, January 1 for Spring arrivals, and mid-May for Summer arrivals. Plan travel accordingly so that your dependents do not arrive early without insurance.
  • This will vary by situation, including semester start date, your dependent's arrival dates and visa status, and the next insurance policy term coverage start date.
  • Information on how to add dependent coverage and the corresponding important deadlines can be found below on this page.
  • Please contact UnitedHealthcare directly with any questions on adding dependent coverage.
  • Coverage is not required for F-2 dependents but it is highly recommended. If the F-2 is enrolled at NDSU, coverage is required just as it is for F-1s.
Information for Enrolling Your Family in Your UHCSR Insurance

Below please find information regarding the process for enrolling family members in the UHCSR plan, including notes for J visa holders.

DEADLINES for Dependent Pre-Registration

For returning/continuing students with dependents already insured through UHCSR – to avoid a gap in coverage for your dependents you must pre-register your dependents at  by clicking the blue link that says "Enrollment Info" prior to August 29, 2017.

The deadline to complete the pre-registration process is September 15, 2017.  If you add a dependent before this date, coverage is dated to start August 16, 2017. If you add after September 15th, coverage will be effective on date of payment but will not be pro-rated. For example, if you added a dependent on November 1, you will still pay the full amount for Fall semester.

For J-1 students enrolling their J-2 dependents: Because of Department of State regulations for J visa holders, please pre-register them prior to August 1 so that we can ensure they have coverage in place for maintenance of status.

Process for Enrolling Dependents

Students enrolling new dependents, please note:  You as the primary student are enrolled automatically by the ISSAS office each period as you remain an enrolled NDSU student.  If you decide to purchase coverage for your dependents, the process is as follows:

The ISSAS office will send in the list of insured students after the second week of classes. If you or your dependents need to have your enrollment processed before, so that you can see a doctor or fill a prescription, please contact your international student advisor.

  • Because your dependents cannot be enrolled until ISSAS has sent in the list with your name on it, you need to pre-register your dependents for coverage immediately. To pre-register your dependents, follow this process:

    • Click here to fill out a form and provide all of the required information.  Your dependent’s coverage will be effective on the date you complete this form.
    • Once the ISSAS office sends in the list of students to enroll, you will receive an email from UHCSR with a payment link to purchase the dependent coverage (you have five days to finalize the purchase).
    • As a reminder, if your dependent needs coverage prior to the enrollment list being sent by ISSAS, contact your international student advisor.

    If you have any questions about the process for adding a dependent or about the coverage for your dependent, please contact UHCSR customer service directly at 1-877-433-6667.


Very important notes for J-1 students and their J-2 dependents

Because the policy through UnitedHealthcare is required as per NDSU's J-1 program designation and U.S. State Department guidelines for the entire period of you and your dependent(s)' stay in the United States, the timing of your dependent's travel to the U.S. is very important.  This is why we ask you to have J-2 dependents arrive only within the first 2 weeks of a semester to ensure no gaps in coverage. Coverage also must be reserved in advance by pre-registering any dependents each semester.

Questions about Enrolling Dependents?

  • If you have any questions about the process for adding a dependent or about the coverage for your dependent, please contact UHCSR customer service directly at 1-877-433-6667.


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