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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Waivers of International Student Health Insurance

Waiver Deadline and Requirements for students in F and J status: The deadline for requesting a waiver is Wednesday, September 2.

To qualify for a waiver, you must submit your request prior to the deadline of September 2 and also demonstrate your comparable coverage is already in place as of the first day of the Fall 2015 semester in order to qualify. Comparable coverage must also be in place for the entire insurance period of the Fall semester, until at least December 31, 2015.

If you miss the deadline and your situation remains the same next semester, please check back later and fill out the waiver form for that upcoming term instead.


Health care in the United States is expensive and the individual is responsible for paying their medical costs. The government does not pay for it. Having health insurance protects the individual by helping pay the medical expenses if he/she should become ill or be involved in an accident and it also helps you stay healthy by allowing you to get the preventative care you need. For these reasons, all international students in F-1, J-1/J-2 and M-1 status who attend one of the 11 schools in the North Dakota University System (NDUS) are required by NDUS to have the state-mandated student health insurance policy through UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR). With the following in-network benefits of a $100 deductible, cost-sharing at 80/20, and a $5,000 out of pocket maximum per year for an individual student, you will find that the policy is excellent and is a good balance of low out-of-pocket costs and good benefits. In addition, the UHCSR plan also covers medical services at Student Health Services at 100% with no deductible, so it is often less expensive to have the student insurance plan and utilize campus healthcare options.  Despite the high quality and many benefits of the student plan, some students wish to substitute utilize another policy that is comparable to the student plan. Under NDUS Policy/Procedure 505, students may be eligible for a waiver of this insurance requirement if they are able to provide proof of comparable coverage. If the posted waiver deadline has not yet passed and you wish to have your request for a waiver considered, please fill out the waiver form completely and submit to the NDSU Office of International Student and Study Abroad Services for review.

Waivers are granted in only a few exceptional situations, as listed below and on the form.

General Waiver Information: Students NOT required to fill out a waiver form

  • If you are a student from Canada or Norway, you are not required to purchase the insurance as per NDUS Policy 505. The waiver is automatic and student health insurance will not be charged to your account. If you have a policy from your home country, please note insurance policies based outside the U.S. may only cover costs up to what is usual and customary in your home country, and this may lead to unexpected additional costs for medical expenses incurred while in the United States. If you opt to choose the policy through United Healthcare, or would like more information regarding the benefits of having a health insurance policy based in the United States, please contact your international student advisor.
  • J-1 scholars who have already purchased the required plan upon arrival. If you have been charged student health insurance on your account, please contact Faculty Immigration Assistant Tabitha Thomas at to have the charge waived or to be advised on the required coverage for your family members.
  • Students otherwise required to purchase the policy, but the student is withdrawing and/or transferring out of NDSU within 31 days of the start of the semester. Students transferring or withdrawing after that date may not be eligible for a waiver/refund.
  • Other situations - please email with the required information below prior to the deadline (September 2 for the Fall 2015 semester).

    • Any non-immigrant student not in F-1 or J-1 status (For example students that are in the following visa statuses: H-1B, H-4, TN, TD, etc.). Please submit a copy of your approval notice or visa.
    • Any student who can show evidence of a change in visa status to permanent resident or U.S. citizenship/naturalization. Please provide a copy of your greencard/U.S. passport.
    • Distance learning students who are studying from their home country/outside of the United States for the duration of their program.

What are some examples of situations where a special waiver may be allowed?

As long as the policy to be substituted meets the test of comparable coverage as per Policy 505, waivers may be considered in the following situations including but not limited to:

  • Students with employer insurance such as F-1 students on OPT or J-1 students on academic training. (Please note: J-1 students on academic training must meet additional approval from NDSU and certain U.S. State Department requirements. Please consult with your international student advisor for more information if you are a J-1 student who wishes to substitute an employer policy.)
  • If your spouse/parent has employer insurance and you are insured under them.
  • Students who choose to purchase a plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace at  – the plan must be at least a “Platinum” metallic level plan to be considered comparable. But please note comparable Platinum level plans on the Marketplace will be much more expensive than this UHCSR plan so it is generally not recommended to find coverage on the Marketplace due to the extra increased cost over the provided student plan.



Where can I download the waiver form?

First to be sure that you may qualify to request a waiver, please read everything on this page carefully before submitting the waiver form. Many of your questions may be answered here prior to submission.

The waiver form can be found at the bottom of this page in PDF format.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Waiver Form

What if I have questions about the coverage requirements of the plan I want to substitute?

Please consult your plan materials or contact the benefits specialist in the HR department of your employer.

What are the waiver criteria?

To be considered comparable, you must be able to answer 'yes' to the following criteria in regards to your already existing policy that you wish to substitute:

  1. Is your insurance company licensed in the state of North Dakota?
  2. Are providers local to your NDUS campus in network under your Preferred Provider Organization?
  3. Is your Preferred Provider Organization deductible $500 or less?
  4. Is the maximum policy expense $500,000 or higher?
  5. Is there 100% coverage at Student Health Services with no deductible?
  6. Is there 100% coverage for preventative care services with no deductible?
  7. Is the prescription co-pay $10 or less?
  8. Is there coverage for pre-existing conditions with no exclusions or waiting period?
  9. Is maternity covered as any other condition (required for women and family, may be omitted for single male policies)
  10. Is there coverage for repatriation of remains and Medical Evacuation at 100% with no maximum?
  11. Is there coverage of emergency and non-emergency health care?
  12. Is there coverage of inpatient and outpatient mental health services, including substance abuse?

One of the criteria mentions that my insurance company must be licensed to do business in the State of North Dakota. How do I find this out?

On the following link, you can find a list of insurance companies licensed to do business in the State of North Dakota:

Please read this carefully - if your insurance company name is NOT on this list, then a waiver will not be approved. Please note, "Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield " is not licensed to do business in the State of North Dakota according to the ND Insurance Commissioner.

In addition, if your insurance company is through your home country or any foreign country, you will not be eligible for a waiver because those companies are not licensed to do business in North Dakota as per the list provided by the North Dakota Department of Insurance.  

The only exception to this criteria is if you are on OPT and no longer located in Fargo - please see the next Frequently Asked Question below for more information.

What if I am on OPT and am no longer located in Fargo?

If you are on post-completion Optional Practical Training and are permanently no longer located in Fargo and will not be returning to Fargo, we may offer exceptions to some of the waiver criteria. If your policy is comparable on most criteria, except the following since they are specific to NDSU and Fargo/North Dakota, a waiver still may be possible.  The criteria that your policy would not need to meet are: Is your insurance company licensed to do business in the state of North Dakota?, Are providers local to your NDUS campus in-network under your PPO?, Is there 100% coverage at Student Health Services with no deductible? If you are in this situation, please email us for a special waiver form.

If you, however, are located physically in Fargo and your spouse, for example, is in another location working, and has insurance (on OPT or in H-1B status, for example) and you are covered under them, you must still meet all of the comparable coverage criteria and should fill out the original waiver form located on this page before any waiver can be considered.

I am in F-2 status and am enrolled in classes at NDSU. Am I required to purchase the insurance?

If you are in F-2 status and are enrolled at NDSU, yes, you are required to purchase the insurance because you are a student in F status, enrolled in the State of North Dakota. If you already have other comparable insurance in place through a parent or spouse, then you may request a waiver.

Please note: If you are changing status from F-2 to F-1, and are not yet enrolled at NDSU, please discuss the timing of that change of status with your international student advisor and any insurance requirements can be discussed at that time.

My insurance does not have unlimited medical evacuation/repatriation of remains benefits. Where do I purchase a supplemental policy?

Most health insurance policies that students have used as comparable coverage do not have any medical evacuation/repatriation of remains benefits. Therefore, if your comparable plan does not have unlimited benefits for this type of coverage, please purchase the standalone medical evacuation/repatriation plan through UnitedHealthcare Global. This supplemental policy includes medical evacuation and repatriation benefits, in addition to a number of other important travel benefits. There are no maximum limits on the medical assistance services arranged and provided by UnitedHealthcare Global.

You are responsible for continuing to purchase this supplemental policy throughout the duration of your studies and as long as this waiver is required to be in effect. You can download the 2015-16 enrollment form below. The current cost is $95 annually per person insured, and the cost is not pro-rated. Regardless of when you purchase this policy during the 2015-16 academic year, your cost will be $95. If you are required to purchase it again after August 15th of each year (end of policy year), it will be another $95 for the next academic year. When purchased, please enter the UHC Global details on the health insurance waiver form.

Policy details - UHC Global

Enrollment form



What happens if I lose my coverage that is comparable?

Willful failure to comply with the conditions of the waiver conditions set forth may jeopardize my legal immigration student status. If for any reason you lose your comparable health insurance coverage to reasons beyond your control (including due to becoming unemployed), you agree to contact the Office of International Student and Study Abroad Services immediately to get added to the NDUS designated health insurance plan and complete a form to get re-added to the policy.

Please note that in order to ensure no gap in coverage, the Office of International Student and Study Abroad Services reserves the right to determine the start date of the designated United Healthcare health insurance plan and when the plan will take effect - coverage is usually backdated at a minimum, to the most recent first of the month. Remember that you are applying for a waiver based on a particular condition, such as you or a spouse/parent being employed and thereby receiving insurance through your company. If the employment ends, this means your eligibility for the waiver ends as of the termination of employment.

Failure to inform our office of any unapproved changes in your insurance situation may affect your legal F or J status. If you decide in the future you no longer want a waiver and instead choose to have the UnitedHealthcare student plan, please do not cancel your current insurance plan until you visit with your international student advisor so that we may advise you on when you are eligible to be re-added to the student plan.

WHERE DO I OBTAIN A WAIVER FORM? (Deadline has passed)

The Fall 2015 Waiver form is no longer available - the September 2 deadline for submission has already passed.

Waivers for students in other Non Immigrant Statuses not Required to Purchase Insurance

If you are a student in another status as shown below, please download, complete and submit the following form, according to your status:

To submit, please drop the form off on paper in Memorial Union 116 or email it to

Waivers for Permanent Residents/U.S. Citizens

If you are a former international student who is now a U.S. Permanent Resident or U.S. citizen, or if you are a Permanent Resident/US citizen who has an insurance charge on your account in error, please drop off a copy of your Permanent Resident Card, Naturalization certificate, or U.S. Passport at the OIP in Memorial Union 116 and the future charge on your account will be removed.

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