Reduced Course Loads for F-1 students

In some limited situations, F-1 international students may request to take less than the usually allowed full-time course load. This is called requesting a "Reduced Course Load." Reduced course loads are allowed in certain academic situations such as an undergraduate's last term of study and students who find themselves in serious medical situations that limit their ability to study. Students must always remain enrolled half-time when on a reduced course load. Undergraduates must remain enrolled for 6 credits whereas graduate students must be enrolled at least half-time. Any student who has questions about the minimum number of credits they should maintain must speak with an international student advisor.

Prior to registering for a reduced course load, complete the online "Reduced Course Load" form located on our Forms page. Your international student advisor will be in contact with you. Please read the statement at the end of the form carefully so that you understand what effect your request has on your particular situation. Also, please visit with your academic advisor where necessary so that they are kept informed of your plans to take a lighter than usual course load.

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