Transferring your I-20 to Another School

If you would like to request to transfer to a new school, International Programs at NDSU must transfer your SEVIS record to that school. 

To begin the Transfer-Out process, please submit the following documents to the Office of International Programs:

  1. A copy of the transfer verification form provided to you (from your new school)
    • Please fill out the student part of the form, and your international student advisor will complete the rest.
    • If you are deciding between a few different schools, please submit one form for each school.
  2. A copy of your official acceptance letter to the new school
    • The letter must list the semester and year for which you have been accepted.
    • Also, please note on the form when you want your record released to the new school.
    • If you are not accepted yet, your international student advisor can still send your transfer form (above) to your new school.
  3. If you are still registered at NDSU, you must also cancel/withdraw your NDSU registration. Please fill out the Withdraw to Zero (Cancellation of Registration) form on the Bison Connection website and turn it in to Bison Connection immediately. Please note that you are responsible to NDSU for any unpaid account charges that are not refunded to you after the withdrawal. Speak with Bison Connection or see their website for more information on tuition refund policies when students withdraw. 
  4. Visit with other offices on campus where necessary so that they are kept informed of the fact you will no longer be an NDSU student. For example - if you have on-campus housing, speak with Residence Life; and if you are working on-campus, speak with the department or office in which you are working so they can notify Payroll. If you are an IELP (Intensive English Language Program) student, please speak with Carol Bishop, the IELP Program Coordinator.

After submitting your documents to the NDSU Office of International Programs, an advisor will review your paperwork and send your transfer form to your school(s) of choice. When the process is complete, and with your permission, your advisor will transfer your SEVIS record to your new school. You can receive a new I-20 from the new school only when we release the record. If you are on OPT, please note that your OPT ends on the date your record is relased to the new school. Please allow one week for processing of transfer paperwork.

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