International Students who Become Permanent Residents

The Office of International Student & Study Abroad Services and the Office of Registration and Records has a process in place for international students who are becoming permanent residents (green card holders). Any F-1/F-2 or J-1/J-2 international students who are becoming permanent residents should update their international student advisor as soon as possible, so that we may advise you on how this relates to your current F or J immigration status.

IMPORTANT: Provide a copy of your permanent resident card to the Office of International Student and Study Abroad Services as soon as you receive it. This is a requirement to ensure your student record is updated appropriately.

Please be aware of the following:

  1. Once you become a permanent resident, you are no longer eligible for any international student tuition waivers. This would pertain to the Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarship, New International Student awards and the Lorraine Murphy Scholarship. These are only available to degree seeking students in F-1 status. Updates will be made to remove these tuition waivers from your account.
  2. Students who have become permanent residents may choose to no longer have the required international student health insurance policy. If the premium has already been purchased at the time you notify us, no refund is possible, but if it is before the insurance payment deadline, no charges will be incurred and you will be removed from the list of students charged insurance.
  3. Once a student has been a permanent resident for one year, a student may qualify for North Dakota residency for tuition purposes with the required documentation. More information on that can be found here: Any questions about this can be directed to the Office of Registration and Records at

We determine all of these actions by the start date as listed on your permanent resident card.

For related questions on this process, please talk with your assigned international student advisor.

Have you gotten married and changed your name? Visit the page of Registration and Records for more information on submitting a request for a name change:

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