General Information about Filing Taxes


The information found on this page is general information to help you get started in completing your federal tax forms. NDSU International Student and Study Abroad Services staff cannot assist with your tax forms and legally cannot answer any individual tax questions. Each student is individually responsible for preparing and filing their own federal and state taxes.

If your tax return is rejected or if you receive a letter from the IRS asking for more information, you should individually contact a tax professional. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to meet your tax obligations and do so accurately.


Sprintax does not provide any one-on-one assistance for tax preparation. NDSU is not responsible for the preparation of your tax return and NDSU assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind related to your tax return preparation. This service is not a substitute for obtaining individualized advice from a qualified tax professional. 

Please note that you are not required to use the Sprintax software service, and that it is being offered as a free service for assisting NDSU non-resident, international students in preparation of federal taxes. 

We know of the following additional tax software preparation services such as Glacier – (please note that this is not an all-inclusive list of resources).  **Please note that these services are also not affiliated with NDSU, but are provided for informational purposes.  As a reminder, each individual student is responsible for conducting their own research on any possible risks of using tax preparation software. **


Sprintax Tax Webinars

Sprintax is holding Tax Webinars for international students and scholars. Multiple webinars will be held. They are designed to provide general information and assistance to international students preparing and filing taxes. Each student is responsible for preparing and filing their own taxes. 

Here are the details about the Sprintax Tax Webinars:

Sprintax 2021 Tax Webinars
January 20           12pm EST             Register here
January 271pm ESTRegister here
February 212pm ESTRegister here
February 312pm ESTRegister hereSpecial Tax Overview for OPT/CPT
February 10 11am ESTRegister here
March 42pm ESTRegister here
March 1011am ESTRegister hereSpecial Tax Overview for OPT/CPT
March 106pm ESTRegister here
March 1511am EDTRegister here
March 2412pm EDTRegister hereSpecial Tax Overview for OPT/CPT
March 301:30pm EDTRegister here
April 72pm EDTRegister here
April 1212pm EDTRegister here
April 2010am EDT 
Register here
April 271pm EDTRegister here
May 52pm EDTRegister here
May 121pm EDTRegister here
May 1410am EDTRegister here


Sprintax Non-Resident Tax Preparation

About the Sprintax service

It’s important to be aware that, as a nonresident student in the US, you’re legally required to file a tax return if you received US income during 2020.

And even if you didn’t work or receive income in the US, you’re still obligated to file a Form 8843 with the IRS.

North Dakota State University has arranged free access to Sprintax Tax Preparation for you. Sprintax will guide you through the tax preparation process, arrange the necessary documents and check if you’re due a tax refund. 

Access is limited to NDSU students. 

The use of the software does not allow you to e-file your tax returns - it facilitates the completion of a tax return form which you are then responsible to print out on paper and mail to the IRS. State taxes may also be filed through Sprintax in most cases, but you must pay a separate charge to do this.

Sprintax for 2020 Tax Year

Access codes were emailed to the international student listserv on January 19, 2021.  Please refer to that email for the access code and more information on using the Sprintax tax preparation software to complete your tax forms.  

By registering for the Sprintax service by using the provided access code, you certify that you have read the disclaimers and all the information on this page, and that you understand and agree with these policies.

IRS Tax Resources

Here are direct links to some of the most common tax forms and instructions you may need as an international student: 

All other tax forms and instructions can be downloaded and printed from the IRS Forms & Instructions page, or for North Dakota specific tax information, please see the website of the North Dakota Office of the State Tax Commissioner

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