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NDSU Information Technology Visions

Approved by NDSU President's Cabinet on December 3, 2001

Information technology (IT) must be effectively integrated throughout the intellectual life of North Dakota State University to serve the needs of all its stakeholders and partners.   All integrated IT and supporting services must augment those best professional practices that maintain our accreditation standards while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the university.   IT should also support NDSU's goal of achieving Carnegie Doctoral/Research-Extensive classification.   Finally, it is essential that the effective use of IT fulfills the university's traditional land grant mission.

The following Information Technology Visions for NDSU are guided by these principles and support the five themes for the university articulated by President Chapman in his September 2000 State of the University Address.   These themes are: It's About People , Students are Paramount , Leveraging Support, Programs, and Status .   These vision statements are also consistent with several cornerstones of the May 2000 NDUS Legislative Roundtable Report including: Economic Development, Education Excellence, Flexibility and Responsiveness, Accessibility, Funding and Rewards, and Sustaining the Vision .

: Develop and maintain IT and an IT support environment that is secure, stable and reliable within a dynamic environment

This vision supports the President Goals It's About People and Students Are Paramount and enables NDSU to increase the university's educational and research standards .   As examples, fulfillment of this vision

  • supports best pedagogical practices and opportunities;
  • aids the rapid implementation of robust, cutting-edge technologies which strengthen the research environment;
  • provides human resources that facilitate IT implementation; and
  • attracts and retains quality students, faculty, and staff.

Vision: Apply information technologies to remove circumstance and location barriers to academic participation, degree completion and student success

This vision supports the President's goal Students Are Paramount and enables NDSU to be an educational leader that attracts students locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.   As examples, fulfillment of this vision

  • increases NDSU's potential student population at all degree levels;
  • offers alternative delivery methods to a more diverse student body; and
  • defines methods of delivering a cost-efficient, first-rate education.

Vision: Develop information technologies that foster reciprocal strategic alliances

This vision supports the President's goal and enables NDSU collaborations with other organizations to secure additional financial resources in support of instruction and research.   As examples, fulfillment of this vision

  • enables novel research partnerships between university and business collaborators;
  • broadens research and teaching partnerships between NDSU and K-12, other universities, businesses, governmental agencies, and/or other entities;
  • supports inter-institutional, collaborative education programs; and
  • extends our service and outreach activities to new clientele.

Vision: Apply emergent information technologies that enhance the rigor of academic programs and advance NDSU in new ways

This vision supports the President's goals Students Are Paramount and Programs and strengthens NDSU's role as an educational, research and economic innovator.   As examples, fulfillment of this vision

  • enables alternative teaching methods that enrich the educational experience;
  • ensures research creativity and implementation are enriched by IT; and
  • bolsters the global competitiveness of the North Dakota economy by enhancing academic and research programs.

Vision: Employ IT in new and innovative ways to carry NDSU's message of teaching, research, and service

This vision supports the President's goal Status and Programs and builds public awareness and support for the many missions of the university.   As an example, this vision

  • provides for the wide-spread dissemination of objective knowledge that enriches personal lives and supports economic well-being; and
  • identifies NDSU as an institution where increased philanthropic support is worthy.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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