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Software Available in Classrooms and Computer Labs

Software available in NDSU public computer labs are listed below. Most programs are available in all computer labs, while some are available only in limited computer labs.

The number of license copies available for each software is also listed (e.g., if there are only 25 copies of Adobe InDesign CS6, and they are all in use at the same time, the 26th person trying to use the software will receive an error message indicating "All Licenses in Use. Please Wait or Try Again Later.").

To request installation of class-related software in the computer labs, please fill out the Software Installation Request Form.

2016-2017 IT Provided Software on Windows Computers


All - Software provided on all Instructor Computers, ITS Labs and Kiosk* computers unless otherwise noted.

All* - Software provided on all Instructor Computers and ITS Labs unless otherwise noted.

(Kiosk Locations - Barry Hall 124 CTR Lab, FLC415A Laptops, Memorial Union NDSU One Stop, Coffee Cart, NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health in Bismarck, Wellness Center Lobby)


Pending - Request is being process by IT Security | Approved - Request has been approved by IT Security, IT is packaging media, ready to deploy by start of semester | Installed - installed as requested


DescriptionVersionCopiesApproval StatusLocation
Adobe Acrobat Pro XICreate and edit PDF and form files1120ApprovedAll*
Adobe DreamweaverWeb content editorCS635ApprovedAll*
Adobe Flash Player View Flash embedded video on web pages21UnlimitedApprovedAll
Adobe Flash ProDevelop Flash embedded video for websitesCS65ApprovedAll*
Adobe IllustratorCharacter graphics editor for Web pagesCS625ApprovedAll*
Adobe InDesignDesktop publisher for flyers, posters, etc.CS625ApprovedAll*
Adobe PhotoshopGraphics and photo editorCS650ApprovedAll*
Adobe Reader DCReader program for PDF files2015.010.20060UnlimitedApprovedAll
Adobe Shockwave PlayerMultimedia player program12.2.4.194UnlimitedApprovedAll
Apple iTunesConnects Apple devices to the online store and personal account12.3.3UnlimitedApprovedAll


  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor Professional 
  • Civil 3D
  • 3DS Max
  • Recap 
  • Revit




Blackboard CollaborateBlackboard online collaborative learning for students and instructors1.6.2UnlimitedApprovedAll
Blackboard IMBlackboard messaging platform for students and instructors4.1.0.CUnlimitedNot approvedAll
Citrix ReceiverIT use only4.4UnlApprovedAll
Deep FreezeIT use only8.31 or newer1125ApprovedAll
Dragon Naturally SpeakingSpeech to text software133ApprovedQBB 150E
EdgeWeb browser20.10240.16384.0UnlimitedApprovedAll
Epson DS-5000 Scanner DriverIT use only5.3.1.42ApprovedScanning stations
Epson GT-1500IT use only3.4976ApprovedScanning stations
Epiphan DVI2PCIe DriverIT use only180ApprovedAll Instructor Computers
ESRI ArcGISGeographic information software10.450ApprovedAll*
FileZillaFTP software3.16.1UnlimitedApprovedAll
FirefoxWeb browserESR 45.0.1UnlimitedApprovedAll
FolderSizeIT use only32.
Google ChromeWeb browser45.0.1UnlimitedApprovedAll
Internet ExplorerWeb browser11UnlimitedApprovedAll
Java Runtime EnvironmentSoftware for viewing video on Web pages8u101UnlimitedApprovedAll
JAWSScreen reading software163Approved

QBB 150E

LockDown BrowserBlackboard browser for exams200-01UnlimitedApprovedAll
MathematicaComputational software for technical computing10.4.1100ApprovedAll*
MATLABTechnical computing language and interactive environmentR2016aUnlimitedApprovedAll*
MinitabStatistical software17.380ApprovedAll*
MCE ControllerIT use only1.8.6180ApprovedAll Instructor Computers
Multi-monitor ToolIT use only1.83180ApprovedAll Instructor Computers
Microsoft Office Professional PlusAccess, Excel, InfoPath, Skype for Business, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, Visio Viewer2016UnlimitedApprovedAll
NIRcmdIT use only180ApprovedAll Instructor Computers
Osprey 260e DriverIT use only5.0.7.32180ApprovedAll Instructor Computers
PowerDVDDVD player2016150ApprovedAll Instructor Computers
PuTTYComputer terminal emulator0.67UnlimitedApprovedAll*
QuickTimeMultimedia player program7.7.9UnlimitedNot approvedNone
Read & WriteProvides reading, writing, studying and research tools for applications11.5UnlimitedApprovedAll
SAS with Enterprise GuideStatistical analysis software9.4 M3UnlimitedApproved



Sassafras KeyServerIT use only7.3.11100ApprovedAll
Set Sound Device (SSD)IT use only2UnlimitedApprovedAll Instructor Computers
SMART Notebook driversElectronic whiteboard and LCD monitors15.228ApprovedAll SMART Board / Monitro Classrooms
SPSSStatistical analysis software2440ApprovedAll*
Splunk Universal ForwarderIT use only6.4.1UnlimitedApprovedAll
TextPadText editor8.0.2UnlimitedApprovedAll
VLC Media PlayerMedia player2.2.3UnlimitedApprovedAll
Windows 10 EducationOperating system64-bitUnlimitedApprovedAll
Windows Media Player Firefox PluginAllows WMA playback on Firefox1.0.0.8UnlimitedApproved All
WinSCPFTP / SFTP client5.7.7UnlimitedApprovedAll
XML Starlet Command ToolkitIT use only1.6.2UnlimitedApproved All*

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2016-2017 IT Provided Software on Mac Computers


All - All Macintosh Instructor Computers and ITS Labs.


Pending - Request is being process by IT Security | Approved - Request has been approved by IT Security, IT is packaging media, ready to deploy by start of semester | Installed - installed as requested

SoftwareDescriptionVersionCopiesApproval StatusLocation
Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

Create and edit PDF and form files

Adobe DreamweaverWeb content editorCS635ApprovedAll
Adobe Flash PlayerGraphics player for embedded images on websites21UnlimitedApprovedAll
Adobe Flash ProDevelop Flash embedded video for websitesCS65ApprovedAll
Adobe IllustratorCharacter graphics editor for Web pagesCS625ApprovedAll
Adobe InDesignDesktop publisher for flyers, posters, etc.CS625ApprovedAll
Adobe PhotoshopGraphics and photo editorCS650ApprovedAll
Adobe Reader DCPDF Viewer2015.010.20060 or newerUnlimitedApprovedAll
Blackboard CollaborateMessaging platform for students and instructors1.6.2UnlimitedApprovedAll
Blackboard IMOnline collaborative learning for students and instructors4.1.0.CUnlimitedNot approvedAll
Citrix ReceiverIT use only12.1.100UnlimitedApprovedAll
Deep FreezeIT use only or newer


FilezillaFTP software3.16.1UnlimitedApprovedAll
FirefoxWeb browserESR 45.0.1UnlimitedApprovedAll
Google Chrome for WorkWeb browser45.0.1UnlimitedApprovedAll
GaragebandMusic editor201162ApprovedLIBR 118, MINA 332, RENA 420, QBB150C QBB150G
iMovieMultimedia editor201162ApprovedLIBR 118, MINA 332, RENA 420, QBB150C QBB150G
Java RuntimeSoftware for viewing video and other media on web pages8u10UnlimitedApprovedAll
Java for OSX LegacySoftware for viewing video and other media on web pages2015-011UnlimitedApprovedAll
LockDown BrowserBlackboard browser used for exams.TBDUnlimitedApprovedAll
Mac OS X El CapitanOperating system10.1175ApprovedAll
Mathematica Computational software for technical computing10.4.140ApprovedAll
Microsoft Endpoint ProtectionMalware and virus protection for OSXTBDUnlimitedApprovedAll
Microsoft OfficeExcel, PowerPoint, Word, Lync2016UnlimitedApprovedAll
QuickTimeMedia playerIncluded in OSXUnlimitedApprovedAll
Read & Write GoldProvides reading, writing, studying and research support tools in applications11.5UnlimitedApprovedAll
Sassafras KeyserverIT use only7.3 or newer85ApprovedAll
SPSSStatistical analysis software24 or newer40ApprovedAll
Splunk Universal ForwarderIT use only6.4.1UnlimitedApprovedAll

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2016-2017 Departmental Software Requests (Updated Regularly)


All - Software provided on all Instructor Computers, ITS Labs and Kiosk* computers unless otherwise noted.

All* - Software provided on all Instructor Computers and ITS Labs unless otherwise noted.

(Kiosk Locations - Barry Hall 124 CTR Lab, FLC415A, Memorial Union Laptops, Math Emporium, Memorial Union NDSU One Stop, Coffee Cart, NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health in Bismarck, Wellness Center Lobby)

ManufacturerTitleOSVersionRequest # (new for Spring 2017)Install Location Fall 2016Install Location Spring 2017Install Location Summer 2017
Palisade @RiskWindows6.3.1Agribusiness & Applied EconomicsBARH 124
Adobe CC SuiteWindowsTLMCQBB 150D
Adobe Premiere ElementsMacintosh Windows14TLMCQBB150C QBB150D QBB150G
Andrew WilsontkMOO-lightWindows0.3.32REQ005499751 All*
NDSUAsymmetric ToolbookWindowsn/aPlant SciencesLOFT62B LOFT114 LLCE104 LLCW124
AquaveoWMSWindows10REQ005499441 QBB 114
Atom Text EditorMacintosh Windows1CommunicationsAll*
AudacityAudacity w/LameMacintosh Windows3.98.2TLMCAll *QBB 150C QBB 150D
BloombergBloomberg TerminalWindowsMost RecentAgribusiness & Applied EconomicsBARH124
CNNCNN SigniantMacn/aREQ005528547 BIN MAC LAB
CyberLinkPowerDVDWindows16REQ005451589 REQ005609708 BARH 14, BARH 22, LIBR 118
TechSmithCamtasia 9 w/Snagit 10Windows-TLMCQBB150D
EndNoteCite While You RightWindows3.13.0.4590NDSU LibrariesLibrary 118 Library 120 Laptops
CertiportConsole 8 - GemetrixWindows8.5 / 4.6.0Finance and AdministrationQBB150D
BloodshedDev-C++Windows5.11Electrical & Computer EngineeringAll*
DTNDTN TradingWindowsn/aAgribusiness & Applied EconomicsBARH124
AppleFinal Cut ProMacintosh3Visual ArtsRENH420 #1-4 only
GenoproGenoproWindows2016HDFSFLC 120 FLC 124 (pending installation)
Google EarthMacintosh Windows7.1TLMCAll*, QBB150C QBB150D
GoogleEarth Pro Windows7.1GeosciencesAGHC ? QBB 132
GSKINNERCreateJSWindows2015.11.26REQ005495548 All*
HandBrakeHandBrakeMacintosh Windows0.10.5TLMCQBB150C QBB150G
Imaging SourceImaging SourceWindowsn/aVet & Micro SciencesVANS105 VAN 107
OracleJDK 8u91 w/Netbeans 8.1Windowsx64Computer ScienceAll*
LeicaApplication Suite - LAS-EZWindows3.2REQ005498953 AGHILL 218, 230, 232 & 238, and Van Es 105/107
LindoLingoWindows14College of EngineeringCIE101
LinearLTspice IVWindowsn/aElectrical & Computer EngineeringSTEM110
MendeleyMendeley DesktopWindows1.16.1NDSU LibrariesLibrary 118 Library 120 Laptops
MicrosoftMapCruncherWindows3.2.4GeosciencesAGHC ? QBB 132
MicrosoftPower BI DesktopWindows2.41.4581.361Accounting, Finance, & Information SystemsBARH 260 BARH 272
Microsoft Project ProWindows2013Computer ScienceAll*
MicrosoftSilverlightWindows5GeosciencesAGHC ? QBB 132
Microsoft Visio ProWindows2013Computer ScienceAll*
Microsoft Visual Studio ProWindows2015Computer Science All*
Microsoft Windows Movie MakerWindows2012TLMCAll* QBB150C QBB150D
MuseScoreMuseScoreWindows2.0.3Challey School of MusicMusic200
Northwestern Univ.Auto Save Modified Plugin NetbeansWindowsn/aComputer ScienceAll*
Northwestern Univ.NetLogoWindows5.3.1

Computer Science

NDSUIPTM-CSWindows2.02EngineeringQBB 114
NDSUHydrol-infWindows5.02EngineeringQBB 114
LIMDEPNLogit 5Windows2011Agribusiness & Applied EconomicsBARH124
OpenOfficeApache OpenOfficeWindows4.1.2Chemistry/BiochemistryLADD107 LADD114 DBAR152
Oracle VM VirtualBoxWindows5.0.16Biological SciencesAll*, STEM234 STVNS230 STVNS231 
PerrlaPerrlaWindows7.5.9Nursing-BismarckNNSH11 NNSH161
PTCCREOWindows3EngineeringENG 102, CIE 101, 205, Dolve 202CERES 404
Purdue Research FoundationMultiSpecWindows9.2GeosciencesAGHC ? QBB 132
PythonPygameWindows1.9.1Computer ScienceFLC 120
PythonPyinstallerWindows3.2.1Computer ScienceFLC 120
PythonPython Programming LanguageWindows1.9.3 x64Computer ScienceAll*
Quantum GISQGISWindows2.16REQ005403183 QBB 132 (pending late request)
Robert McNeelRhinocerosWindows5REQ005506646 ENG 102, CIE 101, 205, DOLVE 202
R-ProjectR Statistical ReportingWindows3.2.5ITS Technical Support ServicesAll*
RStudioRStudio w/APGLWindows3Agribusiness & Applied EconomicsBARH272
R-ProjectR Statistical Reporting w/ASTSAWindows1.6REQ005493204 All* 
R-ProjectR Statistical Reporting w/FarawayWindowsStatisticsABEN215 STEM326
RStudioRStudioWindows0.99.893Range ScienceAll*
SAPSAPGUIWindows740 Patch 9 w/BIREQ005504559 BARH 260 BARH 272
SASJMPWindows/Mac13.0REQ005681578 QBB 150 LIBR 118 AGHILL 132, 200, 204, 206, 208, 214, 216, 218, 230, 234, 240, 300, Stevens 230, 231MACS - LIBR 118 QBB 150
SketchUp MakeMacintosh Windows2016TLMCQBB150C QBB150D
SketchUp MakeWindows2016Apparel, Design & Hospitality ManagementAll*
SimetarSimulationWindows2011Agribusiness & Applied EconomicsBARH124
Stata Data AnalysisWindows14Agribusiness & Applied EconomicsBARH272
Sequel ProMy SQL ReportingMacintosh1.xCommunicationQBB150
Squared5 Mpeg StreamclipMacintosh1.9.2TLMCAll, QBB150C QBB150D
Figure53QLab 3Macintosh3.1REQ005493144 Minard 332
TegrityRecorderMacintosh Windowsn/aInstructional ServicesAll*, QBB150C
Trading TechnologiesTT PlatformWindowsn/aAgribusiness & Applied EconomicsBARH124
TortoiseTortoiseSVNWindows1.9.3 x64Computer ScienceAll*
Turning PointCloud Interactive PollingWindows7.2.1.5Instructional ServicesAll IC's
UnityUnity ProWindows5Computer ScienceFLC 120
UnityPythonWindows3.6.0Computer ScienceFLC 120
USDAWinTR-55Windows1.00.10EngineeringQBB 114
US Army Corp Eng.HEC-HMSWindows4.2EngineeringQBB 114
KeiluVision MDK-ARMWindows5.18Electrical & Computer EngineeringSTEM110
x2gox2go ClientWindows4.0.5.0-2015.07.31Computer ScienceAll*
FastTestWebLockWindows3.56.10PharmacyAGHC 240
ZoteroWord Processing for BrowsersWindows4.0.29.5NDSU LibrariesLibrary 118 Library120 Laptops

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