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Software Available in Clusters

Please see the tables below for software available in the NDSU public computer clusters. Most programs are available in all clusters; the table also provides notes on software that is available only in limited clusters. The copies column refers to the number of licences that are available in the clusters; for example, there are only 25 copies of Adobe InDesign CS4, and if they are all in use at the same time, the twenty-sixth person trying to use it would receive an error message saying, "All Licenses in Use. Please Wait or Try Again Later."

If you have any class-related software that you need installed, please fill out the Software Installation Request Form.


2011-2012 PC Software


Adobe Authorware Web Player2004AllAll
Adobe DreamweaverCS 5.535All*
Adobe Flash Player10.3AllAll
Adobe Flash ProCS 5.55All*
Adobe IllustratorCS 525All*
Adobe InDesignCS 5.525All*
Adobe Photoshop CS 550All*
Adobe Reader10.0.1AllAll
Adobe Shockwave11AllAll
Apple iTunes10AllAll

AutoDesk Education Master Suite

  • AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD (Architecture)
  • AutoCAD (Civil 3D)
  • AutoDesk 3DS Max (Design)
  • AutoDesk Revit (Architecture)
Blackboard IM4.5.3AllAll
Cyberlink PowerDVD11150Instrumented Classrooms & Multimedia Carts
Dragon Naturally Speaking114Adaptive Technologies
ESRI ArcGIS10.050All*
Internet Explorer9AllAll
Java Runtime Environment6u25AllAll
Kurzweil30004Adaptive Technologies
Microsoft Office Enterprise
(Access. Excel, InfoPath,
One Note, Power Point,
Publisher, Word, Visio Viewer)
Respondus Lockdown BrowserAllAll
SAS with Enterprise Guide9.2TS2M3 64-bit300
  • Barry 272
  • IACC 104
  • IACC 114
  • IACC 116
  • EML 377
  • LLC 104
  • LLC 126
  • Loftsgard 104
  • Minard 136
  • Minard 138
  • Sudro 21
  • Sudro 24
  • Sudro 27
  • WDC 3
  • Lib 14ABC
  • Arch 102
  • VanEs 101
  • Walster 220
Sassafras KeyServer6.2.1.41000All
Windows7 64-bitAllAll
Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin (Interoperability Bridges)AllAll

*  The following clusters are excluded from any "All Clusters" designations: Barry Hall Laptops, Candlewood Suites, EHLY 114, Library 118, Memorial Union 176, South Engineering 314, Wellness Center WC04 - WC06.

2011-2012 Mac Software

Adobe DreamweaverCS 5.535
Adobe Flash ProCS 5.55
Adobe IllustratorCS 525
Adobe InDesignCS 5.525
Adobe PhotoshopCS 550
Blackboard IM4.5.3All
Mac OS10.6 Snow LeopardAll
Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)2011All
Respondus Lockdown BrowserAll
Sassafras Keyserver


2011-2012 Departmental Cluster Software

SoftwareDepartment/Requested ByRequested ByPlatform


Received License DocumentNotes/Status
Adobe Premiere Elements 10ITS TLMCSteve BeckermannMacxxIACC 150D
ALEKS Plug-INChemistry & BiochemistryGregory OswaldWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
Alice 2.0Computer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
ArenaIMEJun ZhangWinxx
  • Lib 14ABC
  • Barry 260
  • IACC 150
Audacity w/ Lame EncoderITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
BlenderCenter for Science and Mathematics EducationOtto BorchertWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
BlueJComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
ChemDrawChemistry and BiochemistryGreg CookWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
CLISPComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
ClustalXComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWinxxAll Clusters
Eclipse ClassicComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll IACC
EMBOSSComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWinxxAll Cluster
Expression Studio 4Computer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll IACC
Farm WorksAg&BioSystems EngineeringGanesh BoraWIN/ICxx (30 seats, node locked)IACC 116
Finale NotepadDivision of Fine ArtsAna Rusness-PetersenWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
FinpackAgribusiness and Applied EconomiceAndrew SwensonWINxxBarry 260
Flip4MacITS TLMCStephen BeckermannMACxxAll Clusters
GeogebraSchool of EducationWilliam MartinWIN/MAC/ICxxAll Clusters
Geometers SketchpadSchool of EducationWilliam MartinWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
Google EarthITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
Google PicasaITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
Google SketchUpITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
Interperablility PluginITSLuke PratherWin/MACxxAll Clusters
JavaSE SDK w/ NetbeansComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
JUnitComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Kodu Game LabComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll IACC
LindoIMECanan Bilen-GreenWIN/ICxx
  • CIE 101
  • CIE 205
  • ECE 125
  • EHLY 119
LingoIMECanan Bilen-GreenWIN/ICxx
  • CIE 101
  • CIE 205
  • ECE 125
  • EHLY 119
Microsoft Project 2010
  • Computer Science
  • CM&E
  • Adam Helsene
  • Jerry Gao
WIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Microsoft Visio 2010Computer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Computer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
ModellerComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
myITLabComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxAll Clusters
OvertureDivision of Fine ArtsAna Rusness-PetersenWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
PC Ord 5School of Natural Resource SciencesMario BiondiniWinxxAll Clusters (20 user limit)
PhylipComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWinxxAll Clusters
ProSeries Tax SoftwareAccounting Finance & Information SystemsJames CliftonWIN/ICxBarry 260
PTC Pro/Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • IME
  • Bruce Horton
  • Jing Shi
WIN/ICxxAll Clusters
  • Computer Science
Adam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
  • Computer Science
  • Statistics
  • Psychology
  • Adam Helsene
  • Dawn Halle
  • Keith Donohue
  • All Clusters
RubyComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
SAS & SAS Enterprise GuideStatistics
  • Dawn Halle
  • IACC 104
  • IACC 114
  • IACC 116
  • EML 377
  • Lib 14ABC
  • LLC 104
  • LLC 126
  • Loftsgard 102
  • Loftsgard 104
  • Minard 136
  • Minard 138
  • Sudro 21
  • Sudro 24
  • Sudro 27
  • Van Es 101
  • Walster 220
  • WDC
SnapfashunApparel, Design, and Hospitality ManagementLinda ManikowskeWIN/ICxx
  • EML 370
  • EML 377
Surfer (Golden Software)Agricultural & Biosystems EngineeringGanesh BoraWIN/ICxx

IACC 116

(12 Seats)

SWI PrologComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
tkMOO-lightComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
TextpadComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
ToolbookPlant SciencesBrenda DeckardWINxxLoftsgard 62B
TortoiseSVNComputer ScienceAdam HelseneWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Firefox Web Developer Plug-InITS / CommunicationNancy LillebergWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Windows Movie Maker 2.6ITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Windows Phone SDK Computer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
XNA Game StudioComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll IACC

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