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Software Available in Clusters

Please see the tables below for software available in the NDSU public computer clusters. Most programs are available in all clusters; the table also provides notes on software that is available only in limited clusters. The copies column refers to the number of licences that are available in the clusters; for example, there are only 25 copies of Adobe InDesign CS4, and if they are all in use at the same time, the twenty-sixth person trying to use it would receive an error message saying, "All Licenses in Use. Please Wait or Try Again Later."

If you have any class-related software that you need installed, please fill out the Software Installation Request Form.


2012-2013 PC Software


Adobe Acrobat1120
  • All*
  • IACC 150D
Adobe Authorware Web Player2004AllAll
Adobe DreamweaverCS 635
  • All*
  • IACC 150D
Adobe Flash Player11.2AllAll
Adobe Flash ProCS 65
  • All*
  • IACC 150D
Adobe IllustratorCS 625
  • All*
  • IACC 150D
Adobe InDesignCS 625
  • All*
  • IACC 150D
Adobe Photoshop CS 650
  • All*
  • IACC 150D
Adobe Reader10.1.3AllAll
Adobe Shockwave11.6AllAll
Apple iTunes10.6AllAll

AutoDesk Education Master Suite

  • AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD (Architecture)
  • AutoCAD (Civil 3D)
  • AutoDesk 3DS Max (Design)
  • AutoDesk Revit (Architecture)
Blackboard IM4.5.3AllAll
Cyberlink PowerDVD11150Instrumented Classrooms & Multimedia Carts
Dragon Naturally Speaking113Adaptive Technologies
ESRI ArcGIS10.150All*
Firefox> 13.0AllAll
Google Chrome> 20.0AllAll
Internet Explorer9AllAll
Java Runtime Environment7u7AllAll
Jaws3Adaptive Technologies
Kurzweil30003Adaptive Technologies
Microsoft Office Enterprise
(Access. Excel, InfoPath,
One Note, Power Point,
Publisher, Word, Visio Viewer)
Respondus Lockdown BrowserAllAll
SAS with Enterprise Guide9.3 64-bitAllAll*
Sassafras KeyServer7.01000All
Windows7 64-bitAllAll
Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin (Interoperability Bridges)AllAll

*  The following clusters are excluded from any "All Clusters" designations: FLC 415A, IACC 150D, Library 118 LI25, Memorial Union 176 & 188F, Wellness Center.

2012-2013 Mac Software

Adobe DreamweaverCS 635
Adobe Flash ProCS 65
Adobe IllustratorCS 625
Adobe InDesignCS 625
Adobe PhotoshopCS 650
Blackboard IM4.5.3All
Firefox> 13.0All
Google Chrome> 20.0All
Mac OS10.7 LionAll
Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)2011All
Respondus Lockdown BrowserAll
Safari> 5.1.7All
Sassafras Keyserver



2012-2013 Departmental Cluster Software

SoftwareDepartment/Requested ByRequested ByPlatform


Received License DocumentNotes/Status
Adobe Premiere Elements 10ITS TLMCSteve BeckermannMacxxIACC 150D
ALEKS Plug-INChemistry & BiochemistryGregory OswaldWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
Alice 2.2Computer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
ArenaIMEJun ZhangWIN/ICx
  • Library A/B/C
  • IACC 150
  • Barry 260
  • CIE 101
Audacity w/ Lame EncoderITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/Mac/ICxx
  • All Clusters
  • IACC 150D
BlueJComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
CLISPComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
COMPASSCounseling CenterTiffany BendicksonWIN/ICxLibrary 14 A/B/C
Decision Tools SuiteIMECanan Bilen-GreenWIN/ICxx
  • Ehly 119
  • CIE 101
  • CIE 205
  • CIE 207
  • Barry 124
  • Barry 360
EviewsAgbus & App EconDragan MiljkovicWIN/ICxxBarry 260
Finale NotepadDivision of Fine ArtsBill LawWIN/ICxxMusic Education 200
Flip4MacITS TLMCStephen BeckermannMACxxAll Clusters
Geometers SketchpadSchool of EducationWilliam MartinWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
Google EarthITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/Mac/ICxx
  • All Clusters
  • IACC 150D
Google PicasaITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/Mac/ICxxAll Clusters
Google SketchUpITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/Mac/ICxx
  • All Clusters
  • IACC 150D
JavaSE SDK w/ NetbeansComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
JingITSSheree KornkvenWINxDeniedUser based license.  Not valid for lab use.
JUnitComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Lego MindstormIMECanan Bilen-GreenWIN/ICxxEHLY 119
LindoIMECanan Bilen-GreenWIN/ICxx
  • CIE 101
  • CIE 205
  • CIE 207
  • ECE 125
  • EHLY 119
LingoIMECanan Bilen-GreenWIN/ICxx
  • CIE 101
  • CIE 205
  • CIE 207
  • ECE 125
  • EHLY 119
Microsoft Expression Studio 4Computer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Microsoft LyncITSSheree KornkvenWINxIACC 150D
Microsoft Project 2010Computer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxx
  • IACC 150C
  • IACC 150H
  • IACC 114
  • IACC 116
  • IACC 128
  • IACC 132
  • Library 14A\B\C
Microsoft Visio 2010Computer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxx
  • IACC 150C
  • IACC 150H
  • IACC 114
  • IACC 116
  • IACC 128
  • IACC 132
  • Library 14A\B\C
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Computer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
myITLabComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
NunitComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
OvertureDivision of Fine ArtsBill LawWIN/ICxxMusic Education 200
Palisade Decision Tools SuiteAgrabusiness & Applied EconomicsShelly SwandalWIN/ICxx (8)Barry 124
PTC Pro/Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • IME
  • Bruce Horton
  • Jing Shi
WIN/ICxxAll Clusters
PythonComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
  • Computer Science
  • Statistics
  • Betty Opheim
  • Dawn Halle
WIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Real PlayerITSLorna OlsenWINxIACC 150D
RubyComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
SafariITSLorna OlsenWINxIACC 150D
SizerITSSheree KornkvenWINxIACC 150D
SWI PrologComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
tkMOO-lightComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
TechSmith CamtasiaITSSheree KornkvenWINxx (13 node locked)IACC 150D
TegrityITSSheree KornkvenWINxIACC 150D
TextpadComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxx
  • All Clusters
  • IACC 150D
The HatAgribusiness and Applied Economics Robert Hearne ICxxDenied - Licensing requires install of Bing Toolbar
ToolbookPlant SciencesBrenda DeckardWINxxLoftsgard 62B
TortoiseSVNComputer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
Windows DVD MakerITSSheree KornkvenWINxxIACC 150D
Windows Live Movie MakerITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/ICxx
  • All Clusters
  • IACC 150D
Windows Movie Maker 2.3ITS TLMCStephen BeckermannWIN/ICxx
  • All Clusters
  • IACC 150D
Windows Phone SDK (includes Visual Studio 2010 Express)Computer ScienceBetty OpheimWIN/ICxxAll Clusters
WizMouseITSSheree KornkvenWINxIACC 150D

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