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Videoconferencing Technology

Videoconferencing is a two-way audio and video connection. At NDSU, this connection takes places over the Internet, so connections can be made to many sites worldwide. Participants can view documents, computer files and applications, or videos and discuss them interactively.

Videoconferencing provides numerous communications, collaboration, pedagogical, and practical benefits by

  • Facilitating visual learning, which comprises 60% of the information retained by students.
  • Allowing participants to interact more freely.
  • Increasing awareness of the outside world and broadening student perspectives.
  • Facilitating connectedness. 

IVN Rooms: Internet based (H.323)

These rooms are available to higher education, K-12, Extension/Research Centers, state and local government and non-profit groups.  Go to the Directory of Sites for information on the more than 400 locations within North Dakota.

NDSU has four public H.323 video rooms that may be reserved by NDSU faculty, staff, students, or non-profit groups. Note: classes receive scheduling priority over meetings or non-credit activities.
Contact:   Daniel Erichsen, ,   (701)231-5136

The College of Agriculture has multiple H.323 videoconference rooms:  AG/REC Videoconferencing
Contact:   Elizabeth Cronin, ,  (701) 231-7881


  • Classes sent and received across North Dakota and Worldwide
  • Shared courses
  • Continuing education (credit and non-credit)
  • Meeting and collaborating with colleagues physically located at other sites
  • Workshops or seminars
  • Tutoring
  • Connecting with experts and guest speakers for classes, research, and and other events
  • Collaborating with colleagues located elsewhere
  • Professional development
  • Technical seminars
  • Telepharmacy (21 sites, 8 clusters)
  • Interdisciplinary videoconferences
  • Virtual conferences (e.g., The Megaconference, Virtual Conferences on Genomics and Bioinformatics)
  • Using special cameras or connections to conduct field or lab work
  • Interviewing potential faculty or staff who are at a distance

Videoconferencing at NDSU

The Classroom Technology Group supports videoconferencing at NDSU by

  • Managing and providing technicians for events held in general-purpose, Internet-based video rooms.
  • Coordinating and scheduling events with sites around the world.
  • Training end-users on equipment use and best practices.
  • Identifying and implementing appropriate videoconferencing technologies.
  • Providing consultation on video rooms and use.
  • Researching emerging technologies.

Interactive Video Network (IVN)

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