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Computer Lab Details

Information regarding the number of Windows computers, Mac computers, black and white printers, color printers, small-format and large-format flatbed scanners, and GoPrint stations available in each computer lab location is below. The link connected to the room name will show a map of the computers that are in use and show what software is installed on each computer in the lab.

View instructions to use Remote Desktop to access the computers in these labs. Note, you must be enrolled in Multi-factor Authentication to use RDP.

Computer labs fully-supported by ITS

Color Printers   ScannersGoPrint Stations
AG Hill 188 (Hallway)1001001
AG Hill 2404801001
Aldevron 152601001
Aldevron 288C601001
Barry 14401102
Barry 22800000
Barry 188C (Lobby)001001
Barry 260440000Print to GoPrint station in Barry 288a hallway
Barry 272240000

Print to GoPrint station in Barry 288a hallway

Barry 27430000

Print to GoPrint station in Barry 288a hallway

Barry 288A00100
Barry 366701001
Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse 88001001
EML 32400000Print to GoPrint station in EML 388 (Hallway)
EML 326180000Print to GoPrint station in EML 388 (Hallway)
EML 388 (Hallway)001001
Engineering 1021801001
FLC 1203201001
Klai 3105010

1 (large format )

Library 146001001 B&W, Color prints to the Library 118 color GoPrint
Library 118  (PCs) (Macs)291521

1 (small format)

LLC East001001
LLC West001001
Loftsguard 62B701001
Memorial Union 52001001
Memorial Union 176702001
Memorial Union 188C701001
Memorial Union 188F401001
Minard 288G501001
Minard 3320151001
Morrill 1111401001

Music 200 (Upstairs hallway)

Niskanen 388B001001
NNSH 11130111 (small format)2
NNSH 1611201001
QBB 114240000Print to GoPrint station in QBB 188 (Lobby)
QBB 116460000Print to GoPrint station in QBB 188 (Lobby)
QBB 132240000Print to GoPrint station in QBB 188 (Lobby)
QBB 188 (Lobby)001001
QBB 150 (PCs) (Macs)3411212 (small format)2
QBB 150C (TLMC)82Print to GoPrint B&W and color stations in 150
QBB 200 (student collaboration stations)60000Print to GoPrint station in QBB 188 (Lobby)
Renaissance Hall Lobby001102
SHAC 2012R (tutoring)1101001
Stevens 288 (Lounge)101001
Stockbridge 142a001001
VanEs 188401001
WDC 43301001  
WDC 92 (tutoring)1301001
Weible 133001001
Wellness Center 188301001

*Restricted access lab. Please contact Disability Services or the TLMC for more information

Computer labs semi-supported by ITS

LocationPC'sMAC'sB&W PrintersColor PrintersGoPrint PaystationsNotes
Ag & Bio 22211
Barry 124 (CTR)32Print to Barry 188C (lobby)
Ceres 4041111
FLC 415A 4

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