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Students, faculty and staff can print from their personal laptop and desktop computers, plus Apple and Android mobile devices to many of the public printers on campus using the GoPrint system. 

Print jobs stay in the GoPrint "queue" for one hour after a document is sent to print, during which time the print job can be released using your NDSU ID Card at the GoPrint station. If the document is not printed within the hour, it is removed from the GoPrint system.

An NDSU wireless connection is required to print wirelessly from a laptop.

Printing from your laptop or other mobile devices uses the PrinterOn service to process and send print jobs to GoPrint. Follow the instructions below for sending print jobs through PrinterOn from your mobile devices.

If you are printing a Google File Type, such as a Google Doc or Google Sheet, you cannot do so directly from the PrinterOn app. See the How to Print Google File Types page for instructions on how to print Google Files.

Printing from your laptop

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Click Print on the Web Printing page
  3. Select the printer you wish to print to
  4. Click the Browse button and navigate to and select the file you wish to print

    • Or enter the URL of the web page you wish to print

  5. Enter the number Copies you want to print
  6. Leave the Page Range fields blank to print the entire document, otherwise specify the range
  7. Enter your NDSU electronic ID in the Username field
  8. Click Continue
  9. Change any desired Print Options
  10. Click Continue
  11. The print job will then process
  12. Once it says Complete the print will be ready to be released at the GoPrint station

Printing from your Smartphone or Tablet

Configure the PrinterOn app for iOS and Android:
  1. Download and install the PrinterOn app from the App Store or Play Store
  2. Open the PrinterOn app after it is installed
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Services
  5. Click the “+” icon in the upper right corner
  6. Under Server, enter the following address:
  7. Change the Default Service slider to the right
  8. Click Test Service
  9. You should get a Success message, click OK
  10. Click the Check mark in the upper right corner
  11. Go back to the main screen of the app
  12. Click the button at the bottom, it should say No Printer Selected: tap here to select a printer
  13. Click Enterprise (Use Enterprise to see a list of building locations with a GoPrint Station) or Location (Use Location to see a map of the GoPrint stations)
  14. Select the location you wish to print to (this can be changed at any time)
  15. Click Documents and allow the app access to your files in order to select files from your device
Printing from the PrinterOn app:

  1. Open the PrinterOn app
  2. Navigate to and select the file you wish to print (Documents, Photos, Web)
  3. A preview of the document will show up
  4. Verify the location you wish to print to under the “NDSU Mobile Print” button at the bottom

    • Click to change locations if necessary

  5. Click the green Print button
  6. Enter your NDSU electronic ID in the Username field
  7. Click OK
  8. You will receive a Job Started notification as it processes
  9. You will receive a Job Success notification when it is ready to print at the GoPrint station
  10. Go to the GoPrint Station to pay for and release your print


Printing from Cloud Storage
  • To print from OneDrive or Google Drive, excluding Google File Types, the desktop clients for the respective service needs to be installed in order to browse to the file locations on the computer. You will be unable to print your cloud storage files from the browser without downloading the file to the local device.
Changing Printing Location
  • Need to change the location to print to on the PrinterOn app? Click the NDSU Mobile Print button at the bottom and select either Location or Enterprise to pick a new location from the map or list of GoPrint locations.
Searching for a printer in your browser
  • When using a web browser, the printers, by default, are not in alpha order; if you click on “Printer Name” the printers will be in order from z-a, if you click “Printer Name” again, the printers will be in order from a-z.
  • When using a web browser the Search entry is case sensitive.

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