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By default, NDSU will assign an IP address from a private address range. It is highly recommended that you set computers to print to the DNS name and not the IP address. This process gives greater flexibility when departments change printers, physically move buildings, and it also enhances security and allows for less use of the public network. Information Technologies will be transitioning all current printers using the public network to the 10.248.x.y network.

ITS will be using a default naming convention for all networked printers. This default DNS name will look similar to:

where the xy is the department sub-domain.


Before the setup:

You will need to know the printer model and have access to the printer driver. You will also need to know the DNS name for the printer; this is usually written on a label on the printer.

Automated Installation for ITS Supported Departments

Prerequisite: You will need to be using Internet Explorer and need to know the DNS name for the printer. *This is normally written on a label on the printer.

  • Click here to start the automated installer - Click RUN and RUN again if requested

    • Note: Firefox user may have problems with this link, use the following steps:

      • Right-click the link
      • Select Copy Link Location
      • Paste into the address bar

  • If security warning appear, select RUN then select RUN again
  • Enter the information e.g. prn001.DEPARTMENT.

    • no PRN required
    • no periods required
    • no required

  • The installation will take approximately 3 minutes, you will be notified when the installation is complete

Windows Vista / Windows 7:


Go to Start Menu

Click Control Panel

Click Printers

Click Add a Printer at the top of the window

Click Add a Local Printer

Click Create a New Port

Select Standard TCP/IP Port

Click Next

Make sure that the Device Type is TCP/IP Device

In the Printer Name or IP address box type the DNS name of your printer

Check Query the printer and automatically select the driver

Click Next

**If your printer is not automatically detected, or if you have downloaded a preferred driver,  use the HAVE DISK option and browse to the location of the files. If the correct printer is not listed you can go to and download a PCL version of the driver.

In the printer name: field, change this to something that will allow you to recognize this printer. Select option for default printer as desired.

Click Next

Select Print a test page for printing test page.

Click Close

Click Finish

You should now be ready to print




Mac OS X:

Start System Preferences

This can be found either in your dock or in the apple menu

Click on Print & Fax

In the Print & Fax control panel you will see a list of printers with a + sign below.

Click on the + sign to add a new printer

A new window will pop open

Make sure that the IP Printer tab is selected at the top

Set protocol to Line Printer Daemon from the drop down menu for Non HP Printers

Set protocol to HP jetDirect Socket from the drop down menu for HP Printers

In the address field type the DNS name for the printer

Leave the queue field blank

In the name field change it to something that will allow you to recognize which printer it is

The location field can be left black or filled in with the location of the printer

In the print using field choose the Manufacturer and printer type of your printer. If your printer model is not listed you can goto and download a PCL driver for that model.

Click the add button

You should now be ready to print



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