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Google Apps at NDSU

Your NDSU Google Apps account provides access to Google Drive, Google Sites and YouTube.

Google Drive: Create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Collaborate in real time. Sync files from your computer to Google Drive. For more information about the features and functions of Google Drive, go to the Google Drive support website.

 Google Sites: Create dynamic websites with embedded documents, presentations and videos. For more information about getting started with Google Sites, go to the Google Site support website.

 YouTube: Upload, watch, and share videos through this online platform. For more information about getting started with YouTube, go to the YouTube support website.

Log in to your NDSU Google Apps account for the first time

  1. Go to the Google Apps at NDSU login page (right click to open in a new tab or window)
  2. Type your NDSU email address (typically in the Email field
  3. Log in with your NDSU electronic ID and password
  4. Click Let’s Get Started to close the initial welcome message

Install the Google Drive app on your computer

Instructions for Windows:
  1. After you've logged in to your NDSU Google account for the first time, go to Google Drive
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner, then Download Drive, then Download for PC.
  3. Download the installer, open it and then click Run
  4. Click Close when the installation is complete
  5. When prompted to sign in to your Google account, click Sign in now, and then sign in with your NDSU electronic ID and password.
  6. When the welcome screen appears, click Next, and then click Start sync to synchronize all items in your Google Drive to your computer.
Instructions for Mac:
  1. After you've logged in to your NDSU Google account for the first time, go to Google Drive
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner, then Download Drive, then Download for Mac.
  3. Open the downloaded file, then drag Google Drive icon to the Applications folder to install the application.
  4. Go to your Applications folder and open Google Drive, and then click Sign in now and sign in with your NDSU electronic ID and password.
  5. When the welcome screen appears, click Next, then click Start sync, and then click OK and provide your computer credentials to authorize the change
  6. When finished, all items in your Google Drive will sync to your computer and you can drag the Google Drive install disk from the Desktop to the Trash

Get the Google Drive app on your mobile device

The Google Drive app is available for Android, iOS and for Windows phones.

For more information on how to get Google Dive on your mobile device, visit the Google Drive support site.

Special note for Android devices

Given that you already have a Google account on your Android device, you must add your NDSU Google account as a separate account to access your Google Apps at NDSU, including Google Drive.

  1. Go to your settings menu and choose Add account
  2. Choose Google, then choose Existing
  3. Enter your NDSU email address (typically and your NDSU Google account password
  4. Click OK to agree to the terms of service, and then choose what you want to sync to your phone
    (Note: If you already have the Google Drive app installed, it will appear in this list; otherwise, it will sync automatically when you install the app at a later time)
  5. If prompted with error messages, click on one of the messages and then click the Download button at the bottom to install the Google Apps Device Policy app
  6. Click Install in the Google Play store, accept the app permissions and open the app
  7. Click Next on the Introduction, then click Activate, and then click Enforce 
  8. If you still have errors in your notification bar, click on them and click Activate at the bottom
  9. You should be able to access your NDSU Google account from your device
  10. To switch to another Google account, click the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner and then click the account name to see a list of all your synced accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my NDSU Google Apps account?

Accounts for Google Apps at NDSU are created automatically for all NDSU students, faculty and staff.

What services are included with my NDSU Google Apps account?

Google Apps at NDSU provides access to Google Sites, YouTube and  Google Drive, which includes Docs, Keep and My Tracks.

Can I log on to other Google services with my NDSU Google Apps username and password?

No. Your Google Apps at NDSU account provides access only to those services that have been approved by NDSU legal counsel, including Google Sites, YouTube and Google Drive. Other Google services, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Blogger, Google+, Google Maps and Picasa Web Albums, are not accessible through your Google Apps at NDSU account.

How do I change my NDSU Google Apps password?

To change your password, log in to your account using your current username and password:

  1. Open a Web browser and go to
  2. Log in with your NDSU  electronic ID and current password
  3. In the left menu click on Change Passphrase and follow the instructions to finish

If you forget your username or password, call the IT Help Desk at 231-8685 (option 1) or bring your student ID card to the IT Help Desk in Quentin Burdick Building 150.

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