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Surplus Hardware

Departments on campus may decide they have hardware they no longer need, and they call the Purchasing Department  to inform them of the computer equipment to be surplused.

  • The Purchasing Department creates a job ticket for Facilities Management to pick up the hardware.
  • The Purchasing Department contacts the State Surplus Department in Bismarck and offers them the first refusal on the hardware.

P.O.C. for Purchasing
Casie Ewalt
Old Main, Room 17

Facilities Management delivers the hardware to a staging area. The hardware is examined and will fall into one of three categories:

  1. The hardware meets or exceeds the usable minimum standard for campus. This hardware is then sent to ITS. The system data on the hard drive is erased to a level of DOD 5520.22 standards. The system is then reinstalled and tested, then cascaded back onto campus. The current Hardware Standards can be found here.
  2. The hardware falls below the minimum standard for sale at the NDSU surplus auction. This standard is currently set at approximately<//span> 8 years of age. Any system that is below this standard has its internal hard drive removed and physically destroyed. The computer and hard drive are then picked up by an outside vendor, who has the system components recycled in an environmentally appropriate manner.

  3. The hardware falls between the above two options and it is sent to the NDSU auction. The system data on the hard drive is erased to a level of DOD 5520.22 standards. This guarantees that all data on the drive is no longer recoverable by the new owners. The system then has the oigional operating system re-installed, and the hardware is tested to a minimum level. These systems are labeled with the following statement and sent to the surplus sale location:

"This system DOES NOT meet the minimum requirements set forth by ITS to be used on campus. This system should be disposed of, off campus."

Systems have been wiped (DOD 5220)

O/S__________ Speed___________Mhz

RAM_________MB HHD____________GB

Working components

CD-ROM  Floppy   TBU/ZIP

These devices worked on this date_____________

No warranty is given or implied.

Devices may require drivers to be installed.

No antivirus installed. No updates may have been done.

The information on this label may not be correct.


All monitors are tested, and the working monitors are labeled with the following data and sent to the auction. All non-working monitors will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly process.

No warranty given or implied.

This monitor worked before shipping to surplus; however, there is no guarantee that it will work now.

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