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PhpScheduleIT is a web-based reservation system that allows students, staff, and faculty to reserve equipment provided by the ITS Help Desk. To use phpScheduleIT one must first register within the phpScheduleIT system.

How to Register:

  • Navigate to
  • You will be asked for your Electronic ID (EID) and password.
  • Click "Login"
  • You will be asked to provide some information about yourself.
    • First, please enter a phone number that you can be reached at.  This phone number will be used to contact you regarding your reservation.
    • Next, please enter your current standing.  You may choose only one; student, staff, or faculty.
  • After successfully completing these steps, you may use the phpScheduleIT system.

**Staff and Faculty, If you can not reserve your desired equipment, contact the ITS Help Desk at 231-8685 opt. 1**

Reserving Equipment:

  • Login to the phpScheduleIT system.
  • Start by clicking on the picture of the magic wand.  This will take you to the reservation wizard page.
  • Indicate the desired dates and times for your reservation.
  • Click the "Check for Availiable Resoures button".
  • Indicate the desired resource(s) by clicking on the checkmark box to the left of the equipment.
    • If the checkmark box has been grayed out then that piece of equipment is not avaliable during the desired dates and times.
  • Once your equipment has been seleted, you may click "Save".
  • You may then close the "Reservation Wizard" at this time.

** To ensure that your reservation has been created correctly, you may need to refresh the main phpSchedulIT page and view your reservation under the "My Reservations" section.**

Modifying / Deleting a Reservation:


  • Login to phpScheduleIT
  • Reservations are displayed under the "My Reservations" section.
  • To modify your reservation click the “Modify” link to the left of the reservation.
  • A reservation modification window will pop up.  At this time you may change the equipment, date, or time.
  • Once you have made the appropriate changes, click the “modify” button at the bottom of the page.
  • You may then close the reservation modification window.
  • Click refresh on your web browser to ensure your reservation changes were successful.


  • Login to phpScheduleit
  • Reservations are displayed under the "My Reservations" section.
  • To delete your reservation click the “Delete” link to the left of the reservation.

Cost Units:

Each user is assigned a specific number of units.  One hour of resource usage is equivalent to one unit.  Equipment can only be reserved if the user has enough units available.  Once the equipment is checked back in, the used units will be added back to the users pool of units.

**For example; If a user has ten units and they request a piece of equipment for three hours they would have 7 units left until they return that equipment.**

Check out and Reservation Policies:

  • Check out equipment is intended for educational use only to aid in projects, presentations and the delivery of academic material.
  • In order to serve you better, we only take reservations via the web.
  • Users must present a valid NDSU ID card at the time of equipment checkout.
  • A reservation is not a guarantee.  If the equipment reserved is not available, a replacement may be found.
  • Reserved equipment will only be checked out the user whose name appears on the reservation.
  • Users must read, understand, and sign the equipment checkout receipt before given the equipment.

Equipment Check In:

  • Equipment must be returned in the same cosmetic and functional state that it was in when checked out.
  • All equipment accessories (memory cards, cables, manuals, ect.) must be returned with the equipment and in the same cosmetic and functional state that it was in when checked out.
  • Equipment must be returned at the same location it was checked out unless stated otherwise.
  • Users must sign the equipment check in receipt to indicate that they have returned the equipment.


NEW Late Equipment Policies:


Late Equipment

  • Equipment that is returned more than one hour beyond its return date and time will be considered late.  Late equipment is subject to late fees and possible loss of equipment privileges.


  • Late fees will be charged per reservation at a rate of $5 after the first hour and $0.50 for each additional hour.  This includes both operational and non-operational hours of the Help Desk.

    • Please note that "per reservation" means that only one late fee will be charged for multiple pieces of equipment that were reserved at the same time.  For example, a student who reserves both a laptop and a camera together will only be charged once if they are returned late.  However, if only part of the reservation is returned, late fees will continue to accrue until the remaining equipment is returned.

  • Fees will be billed directly to the campus account of the customer (student, staff, or faculty) whose name appears on the reservation.  Late fees can only be paid at Bison Connection or campus business office.  Fees cannot be paid at the Help Desk.
  • Late fees will be charged for up to two weeks from the original due date, at which time either the full or estimated replacement cost for the equipment will be charged to the customer.

Further Penalties

  • If equipment is returned late three times in an academic year, the user will be banned from checking out equipment for the remainder of that year.

Damaged Equipment

  • The customer is responsible for equipment that is returned damaged, as well as for missing parts or accessories that were not noted at the time of checkout.  The costs associated with repair or replacement will be billed to customer's campus account.

If you have any questions about these policies or wish to extend a reservation please contact the IT Help Desk at 231-8685 (opt. 1).

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