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Record Audio/Video Grading Feedback

Instructors and graders can create personalized feedback recordings for individual assessment attempts or manual gradebook items. Each recording can be up to 5 minutes long and can include audio only or both video and audio feedback.

Note: Audio/video feedback isn't supported in grading with rubrics at this time. This function isn't supported on all browsers. For the best experience, use Chrome or Firefox.

Instructions for Recording Feedback

  1. Find the attempt you want to grade and open the Grade Details page.
  2. Click in the Attempt box or click the down arrow to open the Feedback to Learner area:

  3. Click the "A" button to open the full Content Editor:
  4. The recording option appears in the third row of the Content Editor as a microphone icon:

Students see an icon in the Feedback to Learner box they can click to start playback of the audio/video on their computer or mobile device. Recording feedback is currently supported in assignments, tests, graded discussions, wikis, blogs, journals and in manual grade colums.

Grade Center Improvements

Several Grade Center issues have been resolved and two new options have been added:

  • Number of columns displayed: The Grade Center adjusts to display as many columns as the size of the window allows.
  • Full screen view: See more columns and rows without scrolling by clicking the Full Screen View icon in the top-right corner of the Grade Center -- the course menu on the left and the top banner disappears.

  • View full column names: Column names automatically wrap to multiple lines so the full name is visible.

  • Zero Scores: Scores entered as zeros (0.00) no longer display negative symbols (-0.00).
  • Quick Comments: Comments added in a grade cell in the Quick Comment Text Editor no longer fail to save.
Course Color Customization

Instructors can change the background and text colors of the Course Menu on the left.

Extended menu areas such as the Control Panel for instructors and the My Groups menu for students remain in the dark gray and white color scheme.

  1. Click Customization (below the Control Panel) > Teaching Style.
  2. Choose the Background Color and/or Text Color in the Style section > Submit.
Easily Check and Change Course Availability

Instructors can easily see if the course is available or unavailable to students and change the availability status with a single click!

A padlock icon appears near the Edit Mode and Student Preview icons in the upper right corner. The padlock is open when the course is available and closed when it isn't. Click the padlock icon to quickly change the course availability.

Note: The padlock icon does not appear on the Announcements page and some other pages in the course. Course availability can also be changed via the Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Make Course Available options, as always.

Record Attendance in Blackboard

The new Attendance Tool allows instructors to mark each student as present, late, absent or excused using a computer and mouse or a mobile device (cell phone, tablet, etc.) with a touch screen during each class. The attendance records for each student appear in a single column in the Grade Center instead of having a separate column for each class meeting.

The first time instructors access the Attendance tool in a course (Control Panel > Course Tools > Attendance), an Attendance column is automatically created in the Grade Center. This column can be used to calculate grades in the same way other grade columns can be used.

Attendance Instructions


Note: The Attendance tool is NOT supported in Internet Explorer 11.

Delete Multiple Grade Center Columns at Once

Clean up your grade books quickly by deleting multiple Grade Center columns at once!

Selected manual and calculated columns are removed completely. Selected columns linked to gradable items (i.e. assignments, tests, etc.) remain in the Grade Center, but the student attempt data is cleared.

Important: Deleted columns and any data they contained cannot be restored later.

  1. Open the full Grade Center.
  2. Click Manage > Column Organization.
  3. Check the boxes to the left of any column to be deleted.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Verify the selected columns and click Continue, then click Delete.

Discussion Board Improvements

Replies to Me - Count and Filter

Keeping up with large Discussion Board forums is easier - participants see a new "Replies to Me" column which displays a count and allows them to filter results to see only new replies others have made to the their posts.

Forum Subscriptions Option Fixed

Participants have the option to "Subscribe" to Discussion Board forums so they receive an email notification when new posts are added to the forum. Some users have not received these email notifications since the July 2017 Blackboard upgrade at NDSU.

Participants who click Subscribe will receive email notifications of new posts as designed.

Rubric Auto-save

Instructors no longer lose all of the scores and feedback they've added in the assignment Rubric if they accidentally leave the assignment attempt without clicking Save Draft or Submit!

Scores and feedback entered in the rubric are automatically saved to the assignment attempt as a draft version as long as the instructor has clicked the Save button in the rubric screen.

Collaborate Ultra Sessions in Groups

Instructors can make Collaborate Ultra sessions available to student Groups in their course so group members can share content, use the whiteboard and create recordings within their groups.

  1. Click Users and Groups > Groups
  2. Click the down-arrow to the right of a group > Edit Group
  3. Scroll down to Tool Availability > Blackboard Collaborate Ultra > select "Allow all group members to create and access session recordings."

Chemistry Notation in Math Editor

The math editor (equation editor) available to instructors and students in any text box has been updated to a newer version of WIRIS. This version adds tools specific to chemistry, including an embedded periodic table of elements.


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